TOP 50 most ridiculous inventions that will surprise you

12 Jan 2023

Scientists from all over the world talk almost every week about new inventions that improve life, make it easier, and cure diseases. However, some inventions are simply shocking and bring little benefit to mankind. And how did the inventors of these things even come up with this? Look - it's very funny!

1. Dust Mop Slippers

This invention is for really indolent people! Lazy to clean, sweep or vacuum the floor in your house? Don't worry, there is a solution! It seems that these cleaning slippers were specially designed for you. They are ideal for quickly and effortlessly removing dust on the floor. Just put these slippers on your feet and walk around the room. You can run in them, dance and do anything! Also, these slippers have another bonus! If you are too lazy to take off your shoes at the entrance to the apartment - just put them on over your shoes, and don't be afraid to stain the floor.

1.jpg©Top 10 Funniest Inventions for Lazy People / /

2.Twirling Spaghetti Fork

If you are lazy, this device will come in handy when eating spaghetti and pasta. Moreover, when the first time you can’t properly roll spaghetti on a fork, it’s so annoying! But with this miracle device, you won't have such problems! You only need delicious pasta and batteries for the fork, which will do everything for you! By the way, up to 100,000 of these forks are sold annually. It would be interesting to look at these people! And what about you? Would you like to buy such an invention?

2.jpg©Top 10 Funniest Inventions for Lazy People / /

3.Holder for Your Mobile Phone

Are you tired of the fact that when you use your phone while lying in bed, it sometimes falls on your face? Or maybe you're just too lazy to keep it? Well, then this phone holder will help you. It attaches to the ceiling and holds your phone right above your face! It looks very funny from the outside! However, we think that watching movies is quite convenient. Well, the inventors get tired of surprising us with their wild imaginations! But we won't be surprised if this invention becomes popular because it has certain advantages.

3.jpg©12 Completely Unnecessary Inventions / Unnecessary Inventions /


Chips in jars are loved all over the world! However, there is one difficulty when eating them. The fewer chips in the jar, the more difficult it is to get them. Moreover, the bottom pieces of chips often break, leaving a lot of crumbs at the bottom of the can. It would seem, what is the problem? After all, you can just pour the chips into a plate and eat them calmly. However, inventors are not looking for simple ways! Therefore, they came up with a special creation that helps to get chips from the bottom of the can.

4.jpg©12 Completely Unnecessary Inventions / Unnecessary Inventions /

5.Remote Wrangler

Remote wrangler was created to use all the devices that are at home, not losing remote controls from them. Inventor Rob Miller came up with an invention specifically for such a problem. In order not to lose the remote controls, he developed a special headband. All the remotes can be simply glued and they will stay in place when you are not using them. The only caveat is that such a headband can spoil your hair a little. But you will definitely make others laugh with your appearance! 

5.jpg© Top 10 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made / BE AMAZED / YouTube. com

6.Hood Hair Dryer

This funny beauty device is supposed to help dry your hair faster. The invention is made in the form of a hood with something similar to a trunk, where a hair dryer is inserted. However, it’s hardly possible to make a beautiful style with the help of this invention, because while using this hood, you don't see what is going on with your hair. But what we don't doubt is that after using this invention, you will be in for a surprise. And you will see it on your head after you take off this hood!

6.jpg©Testing 5 Unnecessary Products from Amazon Prime | Product Designer Reacts 001 / Unnecessary Inventions /

7.Umbrellas for Shoes

Do you want your shoes not to deteriorate even in bad weather? Then take a look at this invention. If you see that it's raining outside, just put these mini umbrellas on the toes of your shoes. As planned, the main task of this invention is to protect your shoes from water, dirt, and everything else. And, by the way, these umbrellas will help you stand out from the crowd. Of course, we are joking. It's unlikely that such umbrellas will save your shoes from the rain, but you definitely won't go unnoticed!

7.jpg© Top 32 Funny But Useless Japanese Inventions / Cats R Cool /

8.TV Hat

This funny invention is for you if you want to feel you're in a movie theater without leaving your home! Joking aside, the main idea of this creation is to give people the opportunity to enjoy their favorite movie or TV series without too much ambient noise and prying eyes. However, it's difficult to say how comfortable it's to watch a movie while wearing these inventions on your head. To use it, you need to put your device into it, for example, the phone. And actually, your mini home theater is ready!

8.jpg©20 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made / Planet Dolan /

9.Food Fan

If you don't want to wait until the food cools down, you can use this fan. According to the inventors, this device should help you quickly cool any food - soup, pasta, steak, whatever! Also, children who are difficult to force to eat will be interested in this fan. You can turn lunch into a real game! But seriously, we don't know how well this invention cools food, but you can find sauce in your hair after using such a device. We think you will not like this option very much.

9.jpg© 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions / TheThings Celebrity /

10.Bicycle without Pedals

Yes, it's a bicycle that moves with the help of legs but it has no pedals. Young guys from the FLIZ project invented such a means of transportation. They have been working on the bike for quite some time. The developers wanted to create something new but something based on the bicycle we are used to. You can ride on such a device only by accelerating it with your feet. The trunk is attached to special fasteners, so you can even ride a bicycle. But not for long. However, the fact that you will burn a lot of calories during a trip on this bicycle is 100 percent.

10.jpg©10 Crazy Bikes You Have to See to Believe / TechJoint /

11.Get Abs in 6 Seconds!

While some people spend days pumping the press and other muscles in the gym, others do not want to strain too much and buy various gadgets. Here, for example, the manufacturers of this device guarantee you press cubes in 6 seconds! Naturally, this is no simulator. It's just a lattice that fits snugly on the stomach and leaves behind marks that supposedly resemble abs cubes (in fact, this is self-deception). Such a device can be used by people who want to have supposedly press cubes in their photos. However, it's still better to go to the gym. 

11.jpg©AB-hancer For Women New - Get a Six Pack in Seconds! Epic Fail / SuperDaveVideos /

12.Eating Tool without Hands

The original inventors came up with this device for those who like to eat and at the same time do other things! Using this creation, you can do everything in parallel - paint your nails, wash dishes, and even play sports! At least, that was the idea of this device. However, this invention also carries a danger, because using it, you can eat much more often, and this can lead to extra pounds! Here are the things. But seriously, we don't get tired of being surprised by human ingenuity.

12.jpg©Hands Free Whopper / Burger King Puerto Rico /

13.Toilet Paper Roll Hat

Well, looking at this device, it's difficult to imagine a person who will buy it and dare to go out with it, but this is a real invention! If you're allergic or just have a runny nose, you don't have to carry tissues, you can just put this Toilet Paper Roll Hat on your head! Naturally, we are joking. By the way, this device will also pass for a Halloween costume. At least you will look original, and no one else will come in the same suit as you! 

13.jpg©Top 32 Funny But Useless Japanese Inventions / Cats R Cool /

14.Grass Flip-Flops

It is said that walking barefoot on the grass is good for health and has a positive effect on the nervous system. But what to do in the cold season? The inventors decided that as an option, you can walk in these slippers, which are covered with grass. Original, right? In the description of this invention, it's written that these slippers can give an unforgettable feeling of comfort, help get rid of heaviness in the legs and make your gait fly. The slippers have a non-slip tread surface on the sole, so you will most likely not slip on wet tiles in them.

14.jpg©10 Weirdest Inventions That Actually Exist / Top Trending /

15.Head Holder for Those Who Like to Sleep on Public Transport

Creations for recreation in public transport are different! Some of them are mounted on glass or a wall, some are made in the form of a stick that you put on the floor. The main thing that unites these devices is their common function. Namely - don't let your head fall on the shoulder of a fellow traveler on the road. The inventor of this thing often slept on public transport or, on the contrary, wanted to sleep during the journey, but couldn't sleep and came up with such an interesting device.

15.jpg©Top 32 Funny But Useless Japanese Inventions / Cats R Cool /

16.Jiffy Cuts

Do you dislike cutting your nails? Or do you have a bad habit of biting them? Then this thing was invented especially for you. We are joking. But according to the idea of the inventors, with the help of jiffy cuts, you can cut your nails in a few seconds, while they supposedly will be perfectly even in length. But is it possible? Frankly, it's hard to answer. We suspect that using regular nail scissors will give the best result. But if you want to diversify the process of your manicure, you can test any device.

16.jpg©10 Unnecessary Inventions in 3.5 Minutes / Unnecessary Inventions /

17.Butter Stick

This device can be easily confused with a glue stick, but it's better not to do this! Butter stick is convenient because you don't need to cut the butter, you can simply put the stick out of the refrigerator for 20 minutes so that the butter melts, and immediately apply it on bread or a frying pan. However, with the same success, you can do this with a regular knife. But it will look less original. Well, if you see something similar to glue in the refrigerator of someone you know, now you will know for sure that this is a butter stick.

17.jpg©Top 32 Funny But Useless Japanese Inventions / Cats R Cool /


Love walking your dog but hate cleaning up after your pet has gone to the bathroom? Well, the inventors have come up with a way out of this situation! Here is a special bag, called rootrap! As conceived by the inventors, this bag is put on under the dog's tail, and the dog goes to the toilet in it, and not on the lawn. And you don't have to clean anything! After use, you just need to throw this super invention in the trash! What modern inventors don't come up with!

18.jpg©Top 10 Funniest Inventions for Lazy People / /

19.Tie with Bag Functions

If you are a man who does not like carrying a bag with you, the inventors have found a solution for you. It turns out that now all things of first importance can be worn simply in your...tie! Well, it sounds original and looks the same! How does everything fit into this tie? The fact is that on its reverse side, there are special pockets for various small items. For example, you can put money, a pen, and even a phone there! However, we assume that your neck can get tired of such a heavy tie!

19.jpg©Top 32 Funny But Useless Japanese Inventions / Cats R Cool /

 20.Golf for The Toilet

This is a kind of mat for the feet with a hole, a ball, and a stick. You can sit and imagine yourself as a golf champion. Probably, such a rug was created for those who are very bored in the toilet and have read the instructions for the air freshener through and through. Or for those who don't want to go to the restroom with their phone. The idea of ​​the invention belongs to the EZ Drinker brand. The price of toilet golf starts from 10 dollars.

20.jpg© 24studio - Toilet Golf / expressgifts /

21.Nose Reduction Device

Some people think that their nose is too big and wide. Some people turn to plastic surgeons, some photoshop their photos, and some can buy this invention (although we aren't sure if it is worth it). However, the manufacturers of this device promise that it can help reduce the nose! The device looks like a regular clothespin with rubber seals on the sides. According to the manufacturers, its regular wearing leads to certain results. But those who understand human anatomy understand that reducing the nose with such a device is simply impossible!

22.Bra That Becomes Gas Mask

This original bra can save your life! At least that's its idea. This bodice transforms into a gas mask in seconds! By the way, the person next to you may also not worry about their health if something happens. Indeed, two whole gas masks are obtained from this one bra - one for its owner herself, the other for a passerby, relative, or friend. And that's not all! It turns out that this invention has become the winner of the Ig Nobel Prize, awarded for scientific achievements that first cause laughter, and then make you think.

22.jpg©Woman invents emergency bra which doubles as a gas mask / AP Archive /

23.Sock Remover

This original invention was created specifically for the elderly, pregnant women, and just lazy people who don't feel like bending over to take off their socks. This device allows you to put on and take off socks while sitting on the bed. It's also easy to pull up high socks with it. However, using this invention won't save much time, because even without it, you can put on socks in a few seconds. But if guests come to you, then you can boast of a unique acquisition.

24.Ostrich Pillow

Do you like to sleep everywhere and always? Well, the inventors came up with this pillow, especially for you. According to the idea of the inventors, with this pillow, you can sleep lying down, or standing up. These are indispensable assistants for travelers and office workers. An Ostrich pillow is like a big helmet that covers the eyes. If you decide to sleep during the day, then this invention will simulate a night, and the light won’t enter your eyes. The pillow has two separate holes for hands and a lot of soft filler for comfort during sleep.

24.jpg©10 Weirdest Inventions That Actually Exist / Top Trending /

25.Anti-Pervert Stockings

Perhaps this is one of the funniest Chinese inventions! These are hairy tights for girls. But why were they invented, and where can one go in them at all? As conceived by the inventors, these are tights to scare away maniacs! Hairy tights have long been discussed in various social networks. Some Internet users believe that the harm from this invention is more than good because it will help to avoid not only maniacs but also attractive men. That's it! So think about whether you are ready to go out in such tights, or maybe it's better to postpone them for Halloween.

25.jpg©10 Weirdest Inventions That Actually Exist / Top Trending /

26.Diet Water

Diet water. Sounds weird, doesn't it? After all, in ordinary water, there are no calories, and from it, you definitely won't gain extra pounds. But why then came up with dietary water? Let's take a look at the manufacturer's promises. They write that this low-calorie drink contains a combination of ingredients that supposedly help you lose weight faster. These are, for example, natural amino acids and minerals that speed up metabolism and suppress appetite. Well, we haven't tried this water, so we don't know how true the manufacturer's promises are.

26.jpg©10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions / Top Trending /

27.Boyfriend Arm Pillow

There are pillows in different shapes, but the boyfriend pillow is perhaps the most original. It can be used if you don't have a boyfriend but want to feel a strong male shoulder next to you. However, in this case, the shoulder will most likely be soft, but still, it's better than nothing. Naturally, we are joking. But seriously, we assume that this pillow is very comfortable, and original, that's for sure. But nothing can replace a real guy, no matter how hard the inventors try.

27.jpg©10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions / Top Trending /

 28.Air Conditioned Shirt

When it's very hot outside, then any methods that can help cool down are used! Someone sits under the air conditioner, someone drinks cooling drinks or swims in the pool, and someone else uses more original methods. Inventors again surprised us with their imagination and came up with a shirt with ventilation! In theory, this thing cools well in hot weather, and the body allegedly sweats less. Well, who dares to check for themselves? By the way, as for clothes for hot weather, it's better to choose things of light colors, because you feel less heat in them.

28.jpg©10 Bizarre Japanese Inventions / Top Trending /

29.Finger Toothbrush

Most likely this invention was invented for people who like to buy original things, even when it comes to a toothbrush. In theory, such a toothbrush cleans your teeth more thoroughly, and it can reach all corners of your mouth. It’s difficult for us to say how true this is because we haven’t tested this invention on ourselves. But what can immediately be noted is that this brush is convenient to take with you on a trip, because it doesn't take up much space. By the way, finger toothbrushes are also often used for small children and even pets!

29.jpg©25 Crazy Japanese Inventions You Must See / TTI – English /

30.Banana Case

We present you with another original invention. We think that it looks funny, isn't it? Both halves of the case have holes for ventilation so that a banana doesn't deteriorate ahead of time. The banana case closes with three latches and won't open by itself, so you can safely put it in your child's school bag. However, for a banana to fit in a case, you need to pick up a fruit of a suitable shape. Another challenge! But this invention looks pretty cute. And maybe the kids will love it.

30.jpg©25 Crazy Japanese Inventions You Must See / TTI – English /

31.Automatic Makeup Machine

It happens that you are too lazy to wear makeup, but at the same time, you like to be with cosmetics on the face. Then this invention was invented especially for you! The automatic makeup machine can apply foundation to the face, tint the eyebrows, and even apply lipstick to the lips! However, in the photo, you can see the result. To put it mildly, it looks more like clown makeup. Therefore, it's unlikely that you will be able to make beautiful make-up thanks to this invention. And it's a pity because the idea of ​​this invention is quite interesting!

31.jpg©The Most Useless Inventions Ever | @hmg....4 / Tiktok Compilations /

32.Original Umbrella

If you are a lover of original umbrellas and don't like when the rain spoils your hair and makeup, then you can take a closer look at this funny invention. The attention of those around you is guaranteed! Moreover, you will have free hands, because you won't have to carry an umbrella in one of them. Therefore, it will be more convenient to carry groceries from the supermarket or other things. However, it's difficult to say how comfortable it is to use these inventions in real life. And we haven't yet met a single person with such a marvelous umbrella on the streets.

32.jpg©20 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made / Planet Dolan /

33.Phone Fingers

Another funny invention! But this creation may make sense. For example, you can use phone fingers to make it more convenient to play on the phone so that it doesn't fall out of your hands. Also, while using this invention, when you click on the phone, your fingerprints won't remain on it. Hence the phone screen will look cleaner. So if you are a pathological tidy man, then you might like this funny-looking invention. But seriously, I want to repeat once again - what the inventors just don’t come up with!

33.jpg©20 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made / Planet Dolan /


For many, deodorants and antiperspirants are the most useful skincare products! We think that everyone knows that these products were created to neutralize and mask unpleasant odors, as well as to block the growth of bacteria. How long does it take to apply deodorant? Just a few seconds. However, the original inventors decided to make this process easier for us, so they came up with the double deodorant. This is a device in which you insert two deodorants, and then you can anoint two armpits with them at the same time. Why was it invented? It's hard for us to say, do you have any ideas on this?

34.jpg©10 Unnecessary Inventions in 3.5 Minutes / Unnecessary Inventions /

35.Hat Wig

This ridiculous invention was made for people who don't have thick hair but dream of it while not having a hair transplant or hair extension. Just put a hat wig on your head, and you are the owner of luxurious hair. However, to be honest, this wig doesn't look like real hair at all! And most likely, others will immediately understand that you just put a special baseball cap on your head. So we don’t even know if it’s worth using such an invention. But of course, it's up to the buyers to decide!

35.jpg©20 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made / Planet Dolan /

36.Helping Hand Visor

This invention looks not only strange but also a little daunting, as it seems to us. While millions of people around the world use sunglasses, inventors seem to think that it's very banal. That's probably, why they came up with the helping hand visor. In theory, using this invention, you can cover your eyes from the bright sun. But isn't it easier to do it with your hand? Moreover, sunglasses take up much less space in your bag than this funny device. So we doubt its usefulness very much.

36.jpg©10 Unnecessary Inventions in 3.5 Minutes / Unnecessary Inventions /

37.Screen Privacy Hood

This invention was created for those who are very worried about their privacy. Some people don't like when others look at their phones or computers. And to protect yourself from prying eyes, you can put a screen privacy hood on your head! Of course, in such an outfit, the attention of everyone around you is guaranteed, but no one will see your face or gadget! Complete privacy! However, don't risk walking down the street in this hood because instead of privacy, you can get seriously injured without noticing a street pole or a passing car.

37.jpg©20 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made / Planet Dolan /

38.Snowball Making Gloves

When we were all kids, we used to ride down the hill, build a snowman, and have real snowball games. Some inventors have decided to make this work easier. They came up with a snowball that makes perfectly shaped snowballs. Well, now your children can play with snowballs without touching the snow with their hands using these snowball-making gloves! Moreover, if you or your children like to win the game with snowballs, then with these gloves you have every chance because your opponents will make snowballs much longer than you! But if no jokes, then this creation is absolutely real. And someone even buys it!

39.Upside Down Umbrella

This invention is a godsend for those who like to combine several things at the same time! With this umbrella, you can walk in the rain and at the same time collect rainwater. We don't fully understand why this is necessary, but if you want to try, then there is such an opportunity. On the Internet, journalists write that rainwater is well absorbed by the body and contains a minimum amount of harmful impurities. Moreover, it's written that rainwater contributes to better digestion and assimilation of food. However, we think that it's better to drink only proven minerals or filtered water. 

39.jpg©20 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made / Planet Dolan /

40.Ridiculous Glass

We are sure that each of us has ever broken dishes, especially glasses that often fall out of our hands. In theory, this glass should be more practical, because it's supposedly more convenient to hold in our hands, and there is less chance that it will slip out. You can drink anything from it - both cold drinks and hot ones. However, to tell the truth, we aren't sure that this glass is convenient to use, because not everyone has fingers and hands of such a size and shape as on this glass. It's impossible to guess the size!

41.Bubble Bursting Belt Buckle

For many, popping these bubbles is the best anti-stress! However, the inventors went further and decided to make this process even more original. So we present to you such a bubble-bursting belt buckle. This invention was presented as a thing that adults can use, however, if you are over 10 years old, then we aren’t sure that you’ll appreciate this invention. But the kids will love it for sure. At least for a couple of hours, they will be interested in this funny invention. In the meantime, you can do your thing.

41.jpg©10 Unnecessary Inventions in 3.5 Minutes / Unnecessary Inventions /

42.Duck-Billed Muzzle

If your dog looks very angry, then by wearing such a muzzle, no one will be afraid of your pet. The advantages of this invention are that in it your dog won't bite anyone and will not eat anything dangerous on the street. However, to be honest, well-mannered dogs don't do this even without a muzzle. But it's obvious that by wearing this invention on a dog, your pet will cheer up everyone around! However, if you know that your dog doesn't like wearing such things, then you definitely shouldn't mock your pet by wearing such muzzles on it.

42.jpg©10 Crazy Inventions You Never Knew Existed / WORLD TOP 10 OFFICIAL /

43.Focus Frames

In theory, these funny glasses will help those who are often distracted from their main tasks. Let's imagine the situation here. You are sitting down to read your favorite book, but you just can't concentrate! Children and pets are running around you, and perhaps you are at work, and your colleagues are preventing you from concentrating! With this invention, you won't see anyone around, except for what you want to focus on. But we warn you - with such glasses, it's easy to become a black sheep wherever you are!

44.Eyebrow Stencil

As conceived by the inventors, this funny stencil supposedly can help perfectly make up the eyebrows. But we immediately have a question. All people have their face shape and eyebrows. And not everyone will suit exactly the shape of the eyebrows, which is on this stencil. So why buy it then? Maybe try your luck and patience. But seriously speaking, if you dream of perfect eyebrows, then it will be much more effective to go to a professional who understands this and can provide you with a quality beauty service.

44.jpg©Testing 5 Unnecessary Products from Amazon Prime | Product Designer Reacts 001 / Unnecessary Inventions /

45.Wings for Cats

As you can see, there are funny wigs not only for people but even for cats! These wigs come in a variety of colors - from basic to neon! For example, you may well find a blue wig for your cat. But why do it? Probably, such wigs can be used if you are having a theme party at home and want to amuse your guests with the appearance of your cat. Or maybe you're giving your pet a funny photo shoot. However, it’s unlikely that your cat will like to walk in such a wig often.

45.jpg©20 Most Useless Inventions Ever Made / Planet Dolan /

46.Toilet Paper Extender

This is another funny invention for super lazy and sedentary people. The toilet paper extender is made for those who are too lazy to reach for toilet paper while sitting on the toilet. We have only one question - how can the idea of ​​such an invention even come to mind? Well, at least if guests come to your house and see such a strange device, they will note your originality (or think that you are a lazy person). I wonder how many people have already purchased such an invention!

46.jpg©15 Worst Products For Lazy People / Planet Dolan /

47.Pizza Pack

If you cannot imagine your life without pizza and love to eat it everywhere and always, then you might like this invention. Although, seriously, it's hard for us to imagine who might like it. Perhaps some joker who isn't afraid to attract attention to himself with a strange appearance. This pizza bag, as you already understood, can be taken with you at any time - your pizza will always be with you. What's more, pizza will stay warm and fresh longer. Would you dare to go out with such a funny bag?

48.Hair Guard

This funny thing was invented so that people don't get their hair messed up while eating liquid food! Well, wearing such a thing on your head, you can be sure that your hair will be clean. Moreover, you will cheer up those around you, because it’s not every day you see a person with such a thing on his or her face. Well, if you analyze, then how useful is this invention? Have you ever slicked your hair with food? We think this is not so common anymore, so this invention is unlikely to become a bestseller.

48.jpg©10 WEIRD Inventions That Shouldn't Exist / Innovative Techs /

49.Shoe Bike

Oh my goodness! These are the words you want to say when you first see this strange bike. Perhaps this is one of the leaders in the list of funny inventions. But we will tell you more - this bike can also ride! Sounds incredible, but it looks even more shocking! But why ride such a bike? Perhaps to have a spare pair of sneakers on hand? To be honest, it's hard to understand. However, if you like extreme and originality, then why not ride such a unique bike?

49.jpg©10 WEIRD Inventions That Shouldn't Exist / Innovative Techs /

50.Invention for Eye Drops

If you often have to instill your eyes, then you will definitely like this invention. At the very least, it will make you and those around you laugh. And that's good. After all, as people say, laughter prolongs life. But back to the invention itself. How practical is it? In principle, for people who often use eye drops, it isn't difficult to successfully instill eyes on the first try. But those who do this rarely, out of habit, may encounter certain difficulties. Then perhaps this funny invention can help.

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  2. Click on the toggle next to "Shields"

Adblock Browser

  1. Click on the Menu button in the top right corner of the browser
  2. Click on the "Block ads on this site" button in the menu


  1. Click the circle containing a letter in the top left corner
  2. Click on the toggle labeled "Site Privacy Protection" so it turns gray


  1. Click on the red "O" button in the bottom right hand corner
  2. Click on the toggle that says "Block ads"

Firefox Focus

  1. Click on the menu button to the right of the address bar
  2. Click on the "Trackers blocked" toggle

CM Browser

  1. Click on the green shield on the left side of the address bar
  2. Click on the toggle that says "Disable adblocker for this website"

Free Adblocker Browser

  1. Click on the shield button in the bottom right hand corner of the browser
  2. Click on the toggle that says "Adblocking on ..."

UC Browser

  1. Click on the menu button at the bottom center of the browser
  2. Click on the "Tools" button in the menu that pops up
  3. Click on the "Ad Block" button in the "Tools" menu
  4. Click on the "Ad Blocker" toggle button


  1. Click on the menu button at the bottom center of the browser
  2. Click on the "Tools" button in the menu that pops up
  3. Click on the "Ad Block" button in the "Tools" menu
  4. Click on the "Ad Blocker" toggle button