TOP 50 hilarious selfies from around the world

23 Jan 2023

Selfies have never gone out of fashion! Do you want to quickly attract the attention of subscribers? Then you can just post a selfie! However, some people overdid it with creativity, and their selfies look very funny and strange!

1.Thanks to This Dog, the Selfie Came Out Very Funny!

Well, this kid has a very creative father! We don't know how he got the idea to take this selfie. Perhaps this photo came out by accident, or perhaps the man thought out the idea of ​​a creative selfie in advance. But in the future, the kid will have something to laugh at, because not everyone is photographed with a dog on their head. By the way, for lovers of selfies with pets, there are even instructions on the Internet on how to make such a photo as successful as possible.

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2. Chicken Head

If you have a chicken living in your apartment, then this is already a little strange. However, taking a selfie with this bird while wearing a chicken mask is already super weird and funny at the same time. By the way, one trend on Instagram was associated with chicken. This trend was tagged with the #FrozenChook hashtag. The rules are simple - you need to take a picture of yourself in the pose of a frozen chicken. The trend came from New Zealand when a group of friends decided to see who looked more like a frozen chicken. This idea was quickly picked up by Instagram users.

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3.Stretch Demonstration

Many girls love to show off their stretch in photos on social networks. Not so long ago, there were videos in the trend where girls with a good stretch closed a car's trunk, raising their legs high. These videos look very impressive! However, some girls want to impress not only with good physical fitness but also with their creativity! An example of one of the most original selfies you see in the photo. And the girl reminded us how important it is to maintain hygiene and not forget to brush your teeth!

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4.The Cat Chose The Perfect Moment to Drink Water!

Well, cats know how to surprise and make selfies of their owners very funny! Just take a look at this photo. The guy in the white suit was going to some kind of solemn event. He put himself in order, dressed beautifully, and wanted to capture himself in this form. Why not? It's not every day that you dress up like this. However, the guy's cat decided that without it the photo would turn out to be less beautiful. And as you can see, the pet decided to drink water from the toilet while the guy was taking a selfie.

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5.Extreme Selfie with Camel

At first glance, camels seem like cute animals, but, in fact, this isn't always the case! As you can see, a selfie with a camel is not a very good idea! However, such a photo will attract the attention of many subscribers because it's simply impossible to pass by! But back to the topic of camels and photos with them. These animals are really dangerous to approach closely. Camels kick very strongly, and in all four directions. Camels can also spit, so be careful. Do you still want to take selfies with animals?

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6.OMG! Selfie at the Funeral

Usually, at a funeral, people remember the deceased and are sad. However, few people take selfies during the funeral. Even more surprising is that the girl in the photo is smiling. Why take such a selfie? It's difficult for us to explain, only the girl in the photo knows the answer. By the way, in some countries, people not only smile at funerals but also dance! For example, in Ghana, even funerals are accompanied by loud music and dancing. There at funerals, even the coffin bearers start dancing.

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7.‘Sleeping’ Beauty

Whether it was the girl who wanted to take a photo as if she was taken by surprise, or it was a comic selfie. By the way, if you like to take pictures of your acquaintances when they are sleeping for a joke, then there is a superstition that you shouldn't do this. There is a superstition that photographs retain the energy of a person. It is believed that if a photo of a sleeping person falls into the hands of a psychic or a person with black magic, this can lead to evil eye, illness, or other terrible things.

7.jpg©Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check The Background / FactsForYou /

8.Noodle Instead of Phone

What a strange selfie, we thought at first. However, if you analyze it, then the guy was seriously prepared and decided to show his creativity. Well, how much can you take pictures on a regular phone? It's so trite! It's much more interesting to take a selfie with noodles! I wonder if this guy hid his phone behind the noodles, or drew the noodles in Photoshop. We don't know the exact answer, but if you meet this guy somewhere, then you will have something to ask him.

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9.Weird Location for a Selfie

While some selfies impress with their originality, others are simply shocking! We really don't understand why photographing against the backdrop of a fire, and also smiling at the same time. We think that even if someone wants to impress the audience with an unusual selfie, then one should not forget about moral standards. By the way, we were surprised when we googled photos against the backdrop of fires, and there were a lot of them! Why people do this is a real mystery! Perhaps you have some thoughts about this?

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10.Seconds before the Incident

Many people love to attend football matches, especially when their favorite team is playing! During such a pastime, a boost of energy and even adrenaline are guaranteed. After all, when you are more for your favorite team, you get very nervous! Also, many people like to not only watch the game but also take selfies! However, sometimes it can be very traumatic. For example, in this girl's selfie, you can see a soccer ball flying straight at her head while she smiles for the photo. Well, the selfie came out extreme! We hope that the ball flew past and the girl was not injured.

10.jpg©25 Most Cringe-worthy Selfies / American Eye /

11.Fire Show for a Selfie

What people don't go to for a shocking selfie! For example, this brave guy decided to put on a real fire show on his back. Don't under any circumstances repeat this! Although it may be Photoshop, it looks very realistic. By the way, there are special devices for creating spectacular selfies. One of these devices creates sparks! The set consists of a whisk for fixing steel wool, a skein of steel wool, and a steel cable for rotation. Despite such a simple design, the pictures look very unusual.

11.jpg©25 Most Cringe-worthy Selfies / American Eye /

12.Ridiculous Detail

Most likely the girl took this photo to put it on her social networks or send it to her boyfriend. However, something went wrong! A magnifying mirror treacherously entered the frame, which is visible in the left corner of the selfie. Just take a look at him! Most likely, the girl simply did not notice this detail. However, we suspect that her subscribers laughed hard at this selfie! So you should carefully look at your selfies before posting them on social networks. Although you may want to cheer up your subscribers, then you can safely post even unsuccessful selfies!

12.jpg©Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check The Background / FactsForYou /

13.Bon Appetit!

We don’t even know what looks weirder in this selfie – a terrible mess or a girl in the background eating something. However, something inspired the girl in a black dress to take a picture at that moment, and even post such a strange selfie! Perhaps she wanted to play a trick on her friend. Well, it may well be that they are no longer friends after this photo! Would you be offended if someone took a picture of you at the wrong time?

14.This Strange Selfie Even Got on TV!

Selfies in which people cry seem strange to many, because if a person is really sad, then he is unlikely to take a selfie at that moment. And for so many, it's more like drawing attention to themselves. However, why was a selfie with this man shown even on television? The fact is that in the photo is the CEO who posted his selfie on LinkedIn. According to the man, he had to fire several employees, and this upset him. Well, of course, this selfie got a lot of reactions, including hate.

14.jpg©CEO posts photo of himself crying after layoffs / KTLA 5 /

15.All Seeing Eye

We don’t know why, but girls often like to take selfies in the bathroom! Perhaps because this is where they often do their makeup and after that, they want to photograph themselves beautifully. However, sometimes a curious boyfriend ruins everything! For example, in this selfie of a girl, either her boyfriend or relative peeks out from behind the curtain in the bathroom. The all-seeing eye! Perhaps he did it out of curiosity, or maybe he just wanted to be photographed. It came out very funny!

15.jpg©Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check The Background / FactsForYou /

16.Treacherous Underpants

Maybe this girl decided to take a romantic selfie. She did some makeup and looked thoughtfully aside to make a beautiful selfie. It seems to be fine, if not for the underpants on the battery! Although they are perfectly combined with the color of the white battery. Perhaps the girl simply didn't notice them, or maybe she decided to give her selfie a little humor. However, if you don’t want your selfies to have such incidents, then carefully examine your photos before posting them on social networks.

16.jpg©Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check The Background / The best on YouTube /

17.Hungry Mom

As you can see, while the mother is recovering from childbirth and eating, her partner is posing cheerfully with the baby. It all looks, of course, funny, but we suspect that if a woman sees this photo somewhere, then her husband will not have any luck! By the way, after giving birth, many women also like to take selfies with the baby to capture a happy moment. And selfies of stars with their newborn children collect millions of likes! Many even make a business out of selfies! For example, in 2015, Kim Kardashian released a book with her photographs.

18.Fashion Model Dog

Dogs very often become the stars of their owners' selfies! Just look at this selfie! Well, isn't that funny? The girl wanted to take a glamorous photo at home, but the dog decided to intervene! And it's okay, with it the selfie became funny and original! Not every girl can boast of such a photo. So it's time to get yourself a dog if you haven't already. Funny selfies are guaranteed for sure! If you don’t have a dog, but a cat or other pets, then they also often turn selfies into a real comedy!

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19.Banana Costume

Who says funny costumes are only for parties? Wearing them, you can also take funny selfies! While other guys are taking pictures of their biceps in the gym, this original guy decided to take a picture of himself dressed as a banana. Why not? And look at his posture! He looks like a real acrobat or comedian! Although, this guy may dream of starring in a banana commercial, who knows? We are sure that this guy's fantasy is all right. I wonder what his next selfie will be. Do you have any guesses?

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20.Unexpected Guest in the Photo

Most likely, the girls in the photo were just having fun together. However, we can say that their selfie came out very emotional! Even the best actor is unlikely to play such a realistic horror! And it would seem, what are they afraid of? Well, a small spider crawled out from under the pillow! Many people are afraid of them and don't want to meet these insects at home, especially in bed. I wonder how long after this selfie, the girls were afraid to go to bed?

20.jpg©10 Of The Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check The Background / EVERYTHINGS /


Surely, you know people who look like someone from a celebrity. However, the guy in this selfie decided to go even further! He showed his resemblance to...Jesus! Well, quite an unexpected photo. By the way, if you are wondering which of the famous personalities you look like, then to find out, you can use a special application! To do this, you will need your selfie, which will need to be uploaded to the application. The background of the image should be as neutral as possible. These factors affect the reliability of further searches.

22.It’s So Cute!

Judging by this selfie, the guy is a little scared, but the animal is having a lot of fun. By the way, what is this cute animal? Turns out it's a quokka. And they are not allowed to touch! And if you break this rule, you will pay a fine of 300 to 2,000 Australian dollars. The fact is that the quokka population is due to the growing number of predators that feed on quokkas. Therefore, people are forbidden to touch these animals, so as not to harm them in any way. But you can always take a selfie!

22.jpg©People Who Took A Strange Selfie And The Whole Internet Loved It / FunnyPig /

23.Look at my Massive Gold Chain!

When people try to look cooler and richer than they are, funny oddities sometimes happen! Whether the guy in the photo is a joker, or he decided to pretend that he had a massive gold chain around his neck and didn’t notice the mirror... We don’t know for sure, but the selfie looks funny! In any case, if one of you decides to turn your bag into a neck chain and take a selfie, then carefully look for a mirror behind you. Otherwise, an awkward situation may occur…

24.Time to Take a Bath!

What do you usually do before taking a bath? We suspect that you do not dress up to take a selfie. However, this girl decided to stand out from the crowd. She might even be going for a bathtub dive, judging by her swim cap and goggles. From such original people, you can expect anything! Also, most likely, the girl wanted to show off her stretch. Or why did she put her foot in the sink? By the way, I wonder why she has a watch. So as not to sit in the bathroom longer than expected? We have more questions than answers!

24.jpg©30 Most Hilarious Selfies of All Time / Tooco /

25.Fake Kiss

Sometimes you want to put a beautiful selfie with your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, what if you are single and don’t have a partner? It's not a problem! Take a look at the photo - the guy didn't miss the right moment and took a selfie with a fake kiss. It's difficult to immediately notice how the girl is kissing not him, but the one behind the guy. And inattentive people may not notice this at all! So take note of the life hack! Moreover, this way you can post selfies of kisses with different people every day!

25.jpg©People Who Took A Strange Selfie And The Whole Internet Loved It / FunnyPig /

26.Ouch! Where is the Man in the Mirror Looking?

People often take selfies in fitting rooms and also try on various accessories! For example, the girl in the photo decided to take a selfie while trying on funny glasses. However, the star of this selfie was not a girl and not glasses! Just look where the man is looking, who is seen in a small mirror. One gets the impression that he is evaluating not the girl's accessory, but something else... However, perhaps the guys just decided to take a comic photo.

27.Is This a Selfie in Someone Else's House?

If you are tired of taking banal selfies, then you can climb into the window of someone else's bathroom and take a picture there! Of course, we are joking. However, the selfie of this man looks like he climbed into someone else's house. But we hope that he just forgot the keys to his house, so he decided to climb in through the bathroom window, and at the same time take a funny selfie. I wonder how people come up with such selfie ideas. With such a fantasy, people should work in the creative field.

27.jpg©30 Most Hilarious Selfies of All Time / Tooco /

28.Before and After

As you have already noticed, animals and birds can make your selfie funny and original. However, this guy went even further and took a selfie with the turkey while it was alive and then after it was cooked. Well, the zookeepers would be shocked by what they saw! However, judging by the smile of the guy, he is delighted with his creativity. We don't even want to imagine who his next selfie will be with. We hope no other animals are harmed.

28.jpg©People Who Took A Strange Selfie And The Whole Internet Loved It / FunnyPig/

29.The Man Definitely Regretted This Selfie

It seems like this selfie was taken during some fun and funny event! However, at the most inopportune moment, the girl accidentally doused her partner with a drink. We suspect that the man was not very happy about this, however, judging by his expression, he immediately felt that something was wrong. I wonder if he will avenge to this girl. Perhaps the next time they take a selfie, the drink will already be on the girl's T-shirt. Although, it is unlikely. We believe in the kindness of men! Moreover, clothes can always be washed.

29.jpg©People Who Took A Strange Selfie And The Whole Internet Loved It / FunnyPig /

30.Home Party

Who said that to have a house party, you have to invite guests? If you think so, then take a look at this guy. He is having fun, judging by his selfie! Just him, the bathroom grill, and the guitar! Well super! Although how could we forget - his original selfie also has a wonderful hat and sunglasses. Well, the guy decided to excel. Although perhaps with such a photograph he wants to lure someone else to his home. For example, some pretty girl. And what do you think?

30.jpg©30 Most Hilarious Selfies of All Time / Tooco /

31.Hi, Guys!

It seems to many that a car is a place where no one pays attention to you! You can take pictures of yourself, paint your lips (only if you are not driving), sing, and do other things! However, it turns out that other curious drivers can pay attention to what is happening inside your car. For example, the girls in the photo decided to take a selfie together and it so happened that the guys in another car also decided to take part in the photoshoot! 

32.Selfie after Plane Crash

At first glance, it seems that a selfie is the last thing you want to do after a plane crash. However, some people, on the contrary, take pictures of themselves immediately after surviving a disaster. They want to keep the memory of their second birthday. By the way, sometimes plane crashes happen precisely because of selfies! For example, in 2014, a light aircraft crashed in Colorado. The investigation of the incident lasted several months, after which the investigators found out that the cause of the crash was the pilot's passion for selfies.

32.jpg©People Who Took A Strange Selfie And The Whole Internet Loved It / FunnyPig /

33.An Aquarium Isn't Just for Fish!

While everyone thinks that aquariums are only for aquatic life, this guy decided to break that stereotype! Perhaps he chose one of the most original locations for a selfie. We hope that no fish were harmed during this. Look, maybe this guy was trying to show off how he can hold his breath underwater. The real reason for this selfie is hard to imagine, but this photo proves once again that there is no limit to human imagination. It’s even hard to imagine what place in the house, in addition to the aquarium, can become an even more original location for a selfie.

33.jpg©30 Most Hilarious Selfies of All Time / Tooco /

34.Have You Ever Seen a Smiling Horse?

If you still think animals don’t smile, check out this selfie of cops with a smiling horse! It happens! By the way, research shows that horses have certain facial expressions that are in some ways similar to human ones. Horses have 17 facial expressions, four more than chimpanzees. They can smile, expressing submissiveness, or have a happy face, expressing positive emotions. And if a horse is naturally unsmiling, then there are even ways on the Internet to teach it to smile. Have you heard of this amazing fact before?

34.jpg©People Who Took A Strange Selfie And The Whole Internet Loved It / FunnyPig /

35.Is This an Ad for Shaving Cream?

We suspect that if there was a contest for the best shaving cream advertisement, this selfie would win! And where do people get such a rich imagination? It is also interesting how long the person in the image will take a shower after such a photo shoot. By the way, if you look closely, the human in the photo looks more like a girl. You can see the painted nails, and the design of the phone case is more like a woman's. Although who knows? What we can say for sure is that it's hard to imagine how such an idea for a selfie could come to mind.

35.jpg©30 Most Hilarious Selfies of All Time / Tooco /

36.Not the Best Idea for a Selfie

There are many extreme selfie lovers in the world. Some are photographed, being over a cliff, others - when a train rides on them. However, judging by the expression on this guy's face, he is not at all scary, on the contrary, he is having fun. Perhaps at that moment, he imagined how many likes his new selfie would get. But seriously speaking, it is not worth risking your health and life for the sake of a spectacular selfie. After all, no likes are worth your safety. As for the guy in the photo, we hope that everything is fine with him and he managed to step aside in time.


37.Funny Baby

Most likely, the father of this baby wanted to take an original selfie, and he succeeded! While the man pretends to be asleep, his child allegedly takes a selfie on his own. And just look at the funny expression on the baby's face! Well, a born actor! Although it may be, the child's father was really asleep, and the baby accidentally pressed the camera button. Everything can be! But as people say, the main thing is not the process, but the result! And here it exceeded all expectations. And what do you say about this?

38.Cute Sloth

It's hard to argue with the fact that sloths are one of the cutest animals! And taking selfies with them is a pleasure. But just look at the pose of the sloth in the photo. Doesn't it look like a professional fashion model? Now we will talk about where you can meet these funny animals. Sloths live in the rainforests of Central and South America. But don't forget that you can watch these animals, but you cannot feed and touch them. This can be bad for the health of the animals, and, in addition, they can bite you.

38.jpg©People Who Took A Strange Selfie And The Whole Internet Loved It / FunnyPig /

39.Selfie with a Stranger

Of course, people who take selfies with sleeping strangers are very insidious! But this selfie came out very funny! We hope that before posting this photo, the guy asked permission from the woman after she woke up. Although we highly doubt it. By the way, we will tell you an interesting fact about selfies. Scientists have found evidence that most people, as it turns out, don't give any pleasure to look at other people's selfies. Moreover, the regular practice of taking pictures of oneself can hurt the human psyche. Perhaps that is why the guy decided to add a little humor to his selfie.

39.jpg©Always Check The Background Before Posting a Photo / Scoop /

40.Looks like Animals Love Taking Selfies Too

This funny dog has every chance to become a popular meme! Just look at these cute animals. Apparently, they also like to take selfies. Well, why not, because these dogs are real beauties! We hope that their owner has already created an Instagram profile for his pets. By the way, there are many popular cat and dog blogs. Some of them collect millions of subscribers on their pages! So it's worth considering, maybe your pet is also a future Internet star. It would be cool!

41.I'm Watching You…

It turns out that not only teachers at school are strict, but also strangers who got on your selfie! At least the woman in the sunglasses looks very serious. Moreover, it seems that she is unfriendly. Maybe she gets annoyed when she is in other people's photos or just had a bad day. What would you do if you noticed that you were in a selfie with a stranger? Would you ignore it or go to swear? Or maybe you would look the same as the woman in the photo? This looks pretty intimidating.

41.jpg©Always Check The Background Before Posting a Photo / Scoop /

42.Future Photo Model

Who said kids can't take glamorous selfies? They know how to do it, and they are great at it! In general, it seems to us that the future supermodel is in the photo! At least, this artistic girl will have a lot of likes. Baby selfies often look funny and make a lot of people smile. However, some people, on the contrary, are against young children taking pictures of themselves. Many parents fear that their children may develop an addiction to gadgets.

43.Selfies from the First Months of Life

The mother of this baby decided to take a super selfie and used a professional camera instead of a phone. And judging by the expression on the baby’s face, he is very curious about what this thing is in his mother’s hands and what is happening in general. Although it may still seem that the baby is a little confused and wants to sleep or play quickly, and definitely not to do a photo shoot in front of the mirror. But as they say, a happy mom is a happy life.

43.jpg©People Who Took A Strange Selfie And The Whole Internet Loved It / FunnyPig/

44.Is This a Selfie Break Dance?

With the advent of selfie sticks, many people's photos have become even more original! For example, this woman decided to take a selfie while riding a selfie, but she fell at the most inopportune moment! And now it looks more like she decided to break dance! Looks very funny! Even if somebody wants to deliberately take such a selfie, it is unlikely to come out. But spontaneous photos often look funny! By the way, if you also want to take a selfie on a skateboard, then don't forget that you can easily fall and get injured instead of beautiful photos.

44.jpg©People Who Took A Strange Selfie And The Whole Internet Loved It / FunnyPig/

45.Selfie of an Incognito Person

If you urgently want to take a selfie, but you don't like how you look at the moment, then this is not a problem! You can use the life hack of a man from a photo and make sure that the whole face is in shadow. True, if no jokes, it's not entirely clear why the man took such a selfie at all. Although, perhaps, he wanted to impress someone with his originality. What do you think, did he succeed or still not quite?

45.jpg©People Who Took A Strange Selfie And The Whole Internet Loved It / FunnyPig/

46.Super Selfie!

This is how the mix of a man and a dog came out! Well, it was necessary to think of making such an original and a little strange selfie! So sometimes a human creative copes with interesting selfies better than Photoshop! The photo doesn't show the person's face, but the dog looks pleased. By the way, such selfies aren't the height of originality. One girl went even further and created a dog house where pets can take selfies. This booth consists of a pedal button, a camera, and a dispenser with goodies. When the dog presses the pedal with his paw, he automatically receives a treat, and the camera takes a picture.

47.Why is the Child in the Background Sad?

This selfie proves once again how important it is to check the background of your selfie. For example, in this photo, the guy wanted to take a glamorous photo of himself, but in the end, he got a strange result because the child in the background almost cries. I wonder if he just wanted a selfie too. Or maybe he wants to have the same biceps as his fellow traveler? Of course, we are joking. The answer remains a mystery! However, we hope that the child eventually became more fun.

47.jpg©Always Check The Background Before Posting a Photo / Scoop /

48.The Girls Wanted to Take a Glamorous Photo, but Something Went Wrong

When girls get together to take a walk, the first thing they want to do is take a beautiful joint selfie! However, sometimes strangers get into the photo. But if a stranger in your ыудашу is in a clown costume, then it looks funny. Judging by the reaction of the girls in the photo, what is happening didn't spoil their mood. On the contrary, the girls received an original and funny photo as a keepsake. Few people can boast of such a selfie!

48.jpg©Always Check The Background Before Posting a Photo / Scoop /

49.LOL! Look at the Eyes of the Left Guy!

Who doesn't dream of being photographed with a superstar? This is the desire of many people around the world! And judging by the expression of the guy in this selfie, he didn't expect Justin Timberlake to pose for his photo at all! Here's a surprise! Imagine how shocked and happy the guys in the photo were. They picked the perfect moment for a selfie! I wonder if there are many such successful selfies with Justin in the world. If you are at his concert, then don’t miss the chance!

49.jpg©Always Check The Background Before Posting a Photo / Scoop /

50.The Child Was Punished Right During the Selfie!

The first oddity of this selfie is its location. It is unlikely that a photo session in a public toilet can look attractive. However, this is not the strangest thing either. Just look at the background of the photo! That's where the most interesting things happen. We assume that the child did not obey and his relative is trying to catch up with him and make a remark. Of course, this is all just our guesswork. But when you look at such photographs, options for the scenario of what is happening to appear in your head. I wonder what happened at that moment.