Why don't locals swim in Lake Como? And other mysteries of this amazing place

13 Dec 2022

Como is the deepest lake in Europe with crystal clear water. It's located in Italy, and its depth in some places reaches 400 meters! Due to the proximity of mountains and cold undercurrents, the water in Lake Como is cool even on the hottest days. In ancient times, the villas of Virgil and Pliny the Younger were located near Lake Como, and now - George Clooney and Richard Branson have villas there. 

World stars and celebrities often spend their holidays near Como, and there are explanations for this - the views are simply mesmerizing! But in addition to beautiful landscapes, Lake Como holds many mysteries. We have selected the most interesting ones for you.

Lake Como - the same age as the Ice Age!

The lake has an unusual shape in the form of an inverted Y. The fact is that the lake was formed in a depression formed during the Ice Age by the Adda River. It happened millions of years ago! Amazing!

Lake Como helped Napoleon win the war!

But how is this possible? Lake Como became the key front during the war between France and Austria. In the middle of the eighteenth century, fierce fighting took place near Lake Como. Napoleon Bonaparte showed tactical ability and used the Como area to defeat the Austrian authorities.

Why is it always windy on Lake Como?

There is a logical explanation for this - the lake location. It's surrounded by mountains crossed by numerous valleys, which contributes to the fact that Lake Como is always windy.

It is here that the only school in Europe is located. There you can learn how to fly hydroplanes. However, sailing on the lake is not easy. You can have surprises when the relative calm changes into waves in seconds. This inconstancy of the wind makes the lake a great place to practice sailing.

Dinosaur spotted on Lake Como!

The so-called "monster of Lake Como" was first seen by a fisherman in 1949. After that, there were reports of a dinosaur living in the lake for many years, nicknamed Lariosaurus. Sort of like a local Loch Ness monster. Usually, only tourists swim in the lake, because many locals are still afraid of meeting the monster.

Also, many Italians believe that the water in Lake Como is too cold, and swimming in the sea seems more attractive to them. Moreover, the nearest sea coast is only 200 kilometers away.

We advise you to visit Lake Como!

The beauty of this lake has long inspired poets, writers, and artists. It also attracts many directors who have shot more than one Hollywood film on its shores. For example, "Casino Royale", "A Month on the Lake", the second episode of "Star Wars" and "Ocean's Twelve". If you want to see this incredible beauty with your own eyes, then be sure to visit Lake Como. Nature itself contributes to the fact that Lake Como is beautiful at any time of the year. Nevertheless, going to the north of Lombardy, it should be borne in mind that the tourist season here lasts from May to October. If the goal is to combine a visit to the lake with a beach holiday, then come in the hottest months - July and August.