These People Overcame Trials and Found a Chance for a New Appearance and Life

29 Mar 2024

Life can be very unpredictable for people. Some get stuck in routines, some experience war, and some find themselves on the streets due to various circumstances, including drug abuse, severe illnesses, or tragic events. But it's important to remember that everyone has a chance for a better life.

Shocking Transformation 

One of the most shocking transformations is that of the homeless. The transformation of this homeless woman was carried out by stylist-hairdresser Leandro Matias, 37, from São Paulo. Leandro told the local media that he has actually been helping the homeless for over five years. The story of how Leandro began transforming the homeless at no cost is very moving.

Shocking transformation .jpg?format=webp@leandromatias1984/ 

Leandro shared that the woman passed by his salon over five years ago and stopped to fix her hair in the mirror door. The stylist invited the homeless woman into the salon and said, "God told me to give you the gift of transformation." After that, the homeless woman immediately burst into tears and agreed to transform herself.

A Pregnant Girl Wants to Overcome Drug Addiction

Leandro enjoyed helping the homeless so much that he turned these transformations into a whole project! At least 3 times a week he goes out on the streets looking for people he can help - and helps them not only with makeup but also with clothes and food. This 28-year-old homeless girl is named Ana Claudia. It turned out that in the photo she is 5 months pregnant and really needs the help of those around her. 

A pregnant girl wants to overcome drug addiction.jpg?format=webp@leandromatias1984/

The girl decided not only on a transformation of appearance but also on a new life. She wants to be hospitalized for drug addiction treatment - we hope everything works out for her!

Like a Different Person!

This young homeless man, Roberto Jefferson, aged 36, was found by Leandro and his colleagues sleeping under a viaduct, dirty and hungry. They decided to help him and not only worked on his appearance but also listened to his sad story. It turned out that Roberto suffers from drug addiction and hasn't seen his mother for a long time. 

Like a different person!.jpg?format=webp@leandromatias1984/

After the transformation, Leandro and his team fed the homeless man and located his home, where his mother lives. They then took him to her. Hopefully, he is on the path to recovery and starting a new life!

Homeless Mom of Four

Before you are Daniela, a homeless woman who is 28 years old, despite her young age, she already has four children, three of whom live with her mother, and one is in a shelter. The girl also suffers from drug addiction. However, she ended up on the streets not because of this, but due to family problems. 


Leandro found her on the street collecting recyclables because she wanted to buy a doll for her daughter, who was turning 4 that day. After the transformation, Leandro began searching for a clinic for her drug addiction treatment - the girl decided to fight her addiction. We believe she has every chance of recovery!

The Transformation that Earned the Stylist the Nickname "Angel"

This 30-year-old resident of Votorantim is named Fernando, he is 30 years old. Most of the day, he searches for food in dumpsters. It was like this until Leandro saw him. The stylist transformed him and posted his photo on Instagram. 

The transformation that earned the stylist the nickname @leandromatias1984/

Followers were not indifferent - seeing the result, they began to call Leandro an angel and bless him. The most wonderful thing is that the stylist can inspire his followers to also help the homeless, and acts of kindness will become even more widespread.

After the Transformation, this Guy Started Looking for a Job

Leandro then came to the aid of a 46-year-old homeless man named Osvaldo. After the transformation, it turned out that the guy wanted to start a new life, but unfortunately, he had nowhere to live. 


Leandro decided to help him, both in person and on his Instagram page, where he has over 300,000 followers, announcing the search for everything necessary for Osvaldo. And most importantly, this homeless guy decided to find a job, which cannot but rejoice.

A Fairy Tale in Reality

Just yesterday, this woman Maria was carrying bags found in the trash, and today she looks absolutely fabulous! This woman transformed beyond recognition with makeup, a new hairstyle, and neat clothing that suited her perfectly. 

A fairy tale in reality.jpg?format=webp@leandromatias1984/

Leandro announced a fundraiser to help Maria, and many people on Instagram expressed their willingness to assist her. Hopefully, this has encouraged Maria to make significant changes in her life.

Radical Transformation!

Another makeover that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is not yet known how the fate of this particular guy turned out, but in an interview, Leandro reported that some people he helped even returned to their homes and families. 

Radical transformation!.jpg?format=webp@leandromatias1984/

According to the stylist, his only desire is for these homeless individuals to find a path to a dignified and happy life. And undoubtedly, he helps them greatly in this endeavor. 

The Homeless Man Reunited with the Family Who Believed Him Dead!

Joan Coelho Guimaraes, 45, spent three years homeless in Goiania, Brazil, but still tried to take care of himself. He walked into a barbershop to ask for a razor to trim his beard, but the barbers decided to give him a haircut themselves and even gave him new clothes. 

The homeless man reunited with the family who believed him dead!.jpg?format=webp@Padoooficial/

The transformation photo was posted on social media by the barbershop owner, Alessandro Lobo, and a real miracle happened! The sister and mother of this homeless man, who had believed him dead for many years, noticed the photos online and contacted Lobo, leading to an emotional family reunion. The homeless man was very happy to see his relatives but did not want to go back home, saying that he felt free on the streets.

Transformation after 25 Years of Living on the Streets

In the photo is Jose Antonio, who lived on the streets of the capital of Majorca, Palma, for over 25 years, working as an "unlicensed parking attendant" to earn money for food. Antonio is a former electrician who became homeless after experiencing severe depression and began living on the streets. 

Transformation after 25 years of living on the streets.jpg?format=webp@Ksenia/March 26, 2017/

The homeless man burst into tears upon seeing the results of the transformation, which was done for him free of charge by a local hair salon. The video of his transformation went viral - it was viewed over 600,000 times and was also featured on television in several countries. We hope that the popularity will help the man return to work as an electrician and find a home.

Changes Like these are Fascinating!

Kenyan photographer Muchiri Frames has captured the essence of love through an inspiring photo shoot featuring a homeless couple from Nairobi. The story began when Muchiri encountered Sammy, a homeless man while strolling through a park in Nairobi.

Changes like these are fascinating!.jpg?format=webp@25 April 2018/ 

Sammy shared with the photographer that he and his partner had been living on the streets for some time. Their story, one of resilience and unwavering love, caught the attention of Muchiri Frames, who saw an opportunity to help these homeless people and shed light on the beauty and strength found in the most unexpected places.

Beautiful and Romantic

A collective effort by wedding suppliers and coordinators in the Philippines resulted in a remarkable story providing a complimentary wedding package and beauty transformation to a homeless couple. Rommel Basco and Rosalyn Ferrer, who have been together for an impressive 24 years, found themselves at the center of this touching initiative. 

Beautiful and romantic.jpg?format=webp@Christa/February 22, 2021/  

Despite their humble circumstances, characterized by relying on garbage collection for income, their enduring love stood.

We Wish there Were More Good Stories Like This

A compassionate individual spotted a homeless man on the street and decided to make a difference in his life. As the story goes, this homeless man was in dire straits, facing the end of his life. But thanks to the kindness of a stranger, his fate took a remarkable turn.

We wish there were more good stories like this.jpg?format=webp@Thandiubani on Fri 03rd Jun, 2016/ 

After being taken in by the kind Samaritan, the homeless man received much-needed care and attention. He was provided with food, given a bath, and even changed his style. It's a heartwarming reminder of the profound impact a single act of kindness can have on someone's life.

Makeover in Angeles City

In a heartwarming turn of events, Filipinos are now buzzing with admiration for a homeless man from Angeles City who received a remarkable makeover from a compassionate hairstylist. Entrepreneur Richard Strandz, in a recent vlog, shared his encounter with Dennis Pascual, a junk vendor whom he had noticed passing by his shop for years.

Makeover in Angeles City.jpg?format=webp@Richard Strandz/FB Richard Strandz/ 

After years of silently observing Pascual in the neighborhood, Strandz decided to take action. He extended a helping hand by offering Pascual a transformative makeover and featured him in his vlog. Perhaps it will inspire a homeless person to become a different person.

Amazing Story!

In an unexpected turn of events, 45-year-old Steve Rimmer has become an overnight sensation after showcasing his accordion skills on Manchester’s 103FM radio station. Rimmer's journey from being a former bum to a cherished radio personality has captured the hearts of listeners across the city.

Amazing story!.jpg?format=webp@2014.01/

It all began when a scheduled band failed to appear for their radio slot, leaving a void in the programming. Seizing the opportunity, Rimmer stepped up to the mic with his accordion in hand and delivered a performance that resonated deeply with the audience. Of course, stylists worked with his image.

Transformation of the Homeless War Veteran 

It's incredible, but it turns out that this homeless man is actually a war veteran Jim Wolfe. Having gone through such harrowing trials, life had prepared another difficult challenge for him - life on the streets. 

Transformation of homeless war veteran .jpg?format=webp@Dovas/  

Compassionate individuals decided to help Jim and started with his appearance. We hope this event became the first step towards a new life for this remarkable man.

Change After 20 Years of Homelessness 

The video showing the transformation of this homeless man went viral on social media! It turns out his name is Aliu, and he has been homeless for over 20 years. A compassionate woman found him lying on the sidewalk and took him to a hair salon. Subsequently, he was given clean clothes and £20,000. 

Change after 20 years of homelessness .jpg?format=webp@mufasatundeednut/

The video of the homeless man's transformation sparked a strong reaction on social media - many people also wanted to help the man who was given a chance for a new life. Whether he will seize this opportunity depends solely on him.

Appearance Greatly Influences Self-Perception

Of course, transformation is important not only for homeless people but also for ordinary individuals, as they sometimes lack self-confidence. In India, there is a beauty salon called Shivas Signature Salon, created by a Bollywood celebrity stylist. The distinctive feature of this salon is that its stylists help ordinary people feel like stars and boost their self-confidence. 

Appearance greatly influences self-perception.jpg?format=webp@Makeover (Male) at Shivas Signature Salon|By Shwetha Bhandary/ 

Before the makeover, he resembled a somewhat unstylish and insecure guy, but after - it's a whole different story! Watching how people transform with the help of a well-chosen hairstyle and clothing is just inspiring. With the desire, one can look just as good as any Hollywood star! And the man in the photo is a perfect example of that.

This 69-Year-Old Woman is Transforming and Seeking Love!

Her name is Debbie, and she was first introduced to the audience in the 6th season of 90 Day Fiancé in 2018. However, that wasn't enough for her - she plans to return to reality TV in the upcoming season of The Single Life. 

This 69-year-old woman is undergoing a transformation and seeking love!.jpg?format=webp@Emily Longeretta October 27, 2021/

After being a widow for 13 years, she decided to transform herself externally and find new love. Debbie hopes that viewers her age will be inspired by her example and also start dating.

She's Become a Gorgeous Beauty

We also cannot fail to show examples of women's transformations who have transformed themselves independently without the help of stylists. This is even more inspiring!

Krystelle Lee, a 40-year-old from Plainfield, New Jersey demonstrates how the right image can dramatically change a person. The girl is carrying out a noble mission - she inspires women to love themselves and demonstrates that being well-groomed is possible with budget-friendly products. Watching such changes is a real pleasure!

She's become a gorgeous beauty.jpg?format=webp@Asia Grace/March 14, 2022/ 

One of her favorite makeup products is hyaluronic hydrating foundation, which costs only $16. Lee loves it because it provides smooth coverage and gives her a natural look. She regularly surprises her 52,000 followers with her stunning makeovers.

Shocking and Yet Inspiring!

Sarah Andres, a mother of two-year-old twins, spends over an hour and a half every day transforming her appearance into perfection. Since losing her front teeth in a quad bike accident back in 2017, she has worn veneers, which she believes are key to her transformation. 

Shocking and yet inspiring!.jpg?format=webp@Asia Grace/March 14, 2022/  

However, the girl is not shy to show herself in any form, and her transformation inspires other women to always accept themselves.

From Hipster to a True Lady!

The beauty salon this girl turned to helped her to reveal herself in a completely new light. Before the transformation, she was a hipster, but she decided to change her image to a more feminine one, and they helped her with that.  

From hipster to a true lady! .jpg?format=webp@Chopitoff/

She fell into the right hands - to the master of the beauty salon who loves to emphasize female beauty and helps women look at themselves in a new way. After the transformation, she changed drastically - by the way, she looks great with short blonde hair.

A Breast Cancer Survivor Changes Her Appearance to Boost Self-Confidence

Also, very inspiring are stories of people who have battled cancer and, at the same time, decided to transform to regain their good mood and confidence. Tracy Braider, a mother of three who survived breast cancer, was unsure about her appearance after losing her eyelashes and eyebrows due to chemotherapy. 

A breast cancer survivor changes her appearance to boost self-confidence.jpg?format=webp@KATRINA TURRILL/Dec 29, 2016/

However, according to the woman, after a makeover with beauty blogger Tricia Cusden, she now feels like a "new" version of herself.

After Battling Cancer, Linda Wanted to Feel Beautiful Again

When Linda Balentine, 57, beat cancer and traveled to New York from Muscle Shoals with her son Martin for her annual check-up, she decided to participate in an Ambush Makeover. She confessed to her son that after her tough illness, she just wanted to feel beautiful again. 

After battling cancer, Linda wanted to feel beautiful again.jpg?format=webp@Oct. 5, 2017/

The result was an incredible transformation; the woman teared up when she saw herself in the mirror, and her son was simply speechless! It's so heartwarming to see people being made happy, especially after enduring difficult life trials.

In Ukraine, Even Charitable Foundations are Engaged in Transformations!

In Ukraine, despite the ongoing military actions, women need to take care not only of their mental health but also of their appearance. Transformation expert Snizhana Vladika, who opened a beauty salon in Lviv, helps women remain beautiful even in the most challenging circumstances. On Snizhana's page, there are over 2,000 posts, each showcasing incredible transformations!

In Ukraine even charitable foundations are engaged in transformations!.jpg?format=webp@Snizhanavladika/ 

One charitable foundation contacted her and invited her to collaborate. “Our team felt that this aligned with our values, and together, we could create something truly beautiful”. As a result, the team supported the woman in the photo, who had been forced to leave her home because of the war, and helped her transform.

The Ukrainian Soldier Gave His Mom a Beauty Transformation!

Snizhana Vladika and her team have created such amazing transformations for Ukrainian women that we want to show you some more of them. While defending their homeland from Russian occupiers, Ukrainian soldiers do not forget to take care of their mothers. This story left no one indifferent! 

The Ukrainian soldier gave his mom a beauty transformation!  .jpg?format=webp@Snizhanavladika/ 

The son who defends our country made a gift to his mom - a complete transformation, once again reminding her that a woman can always remain well-groomed and beautiful under any circumstances, even during wartime.

A True Queen!

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine has drastically changed the life of this wonderful woman. She lost her job and her home and was forced to leave her hometown with her ten-year-old son. The depressive state dragged on so much that she once lost consciousness. 

A true queen!.jpg?format=webp@Snizhanavladika/ 

But this beautiful woman pulled herself together and turned to a beauty salon for a transformation, despite such life circumstances. We hope this transformation will be her first step towards a new life.

The Changes are Very Flattering!

Thanks to the incredible transformations, Snizhana's salon has become so popular that people even come to it from other countries! This woman came to the Ukrainian city of Lviv for a transformation all the way from Sardinia! And as you can see, it was worth it! Ukrainian beauty specialists are renowned worldwide for their talents, and here's a vivid example of why. 

The changes are very flattering! .jpg?format=webp@Snizhanavladika/  

The lady was transformed beyond recognition in just a few hours. She became younger, more beautiful, and turned into a real goddess! 

The Gift from Her Friend Was a Success!

This Ukrainian girl received a beauty transformation as a birthday gift from her friend, which included styling, makeup, and a stylist. The transformation turned out really cool, didn't it? 

The gift from her friend was a success!.jpg?format=webp@Snizhanavladika/ 

She looks completely different, more feminine and luxurious. The new style and hairstyle suit her very well. We hope that this gift lifted the girl's spirits and instilled confidence in herself. They certainly won't hurt, especially when the life situation around is very difficult.

The First Step to a Different Perception of Oneself!

Women who are stuck in the routine of work, children, and a pile of household chores often turn to Snizhana's salon. In such a whirlwind of activities, they simply don't have time for themselves, and they often lose faith in themselves. 

The first step to a different perception of oneself!.jpg?format=webp@Snizhanavladika/ 

But Snizhana doesn't hide the fact that after such transformations, the women who come to her often say that they have regained their faith in themselves! And that's incredibly cool!

Unbelievable Changes

Another incredible work by the Ukrainian stylist, after which many people started writing in the comments that they dream of visiting her salon, and we understand why! Wow, check out this lady's incredible transformation! I mean, after that beauty makeover, doesn't she look like she just stepped off the Hollywood red carpet? It's pretty mind-blowing how a bit of pampering can completely change someone's look, right? 

Unbelievable changes .jpg?format=webp@Snizhanavladika/ 

But hey, it's not just about the outer glow - it's also about the inner strength. This woman's makeover is like a symbol of resilience in the face of tough times. It's proof that taking care of yourself, inside and out, can lift your spirits and give you a whole new perspective on life.

Visually Minus 10 Years!

Have you seen the latest transformation of this Ukrainian woman? In the comments, people started writing to stylist Snizhana that with her help, this woman looks 20 years younger. With just a few tweaks here and there – a new hairstyle, a touch of makeup magic – she's rocking a whole new vibe. But it's not just about the surface stuff, you know? 

Visually minus 10 years!.jpg?format=webp@Snizhanavladika/ 

It's about her confidence shining through. This makeover isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling amazing from the inside out. Examples of transformations like these inspire women to believe in their beauty!

A Gift from the Children

Projects aimed at transforming people are popular worldwide. For example, in Croatia, there is a humanitarian project initiated by dentist Dr. Shtimak three years ago. According to her, she wanted to give people a new smile and hope for a better future. 

A gift from the children.jpg?format=webp@humanitarni-makeover/

In the photo is the transformation of one of the heroines of this project - Snizhana. She stopped smiling for a long time due to missing teeth and became withdrawn. Her husband passed away when her children were young, and afterward, her son was diagnosed with a tumor above his right eye, from which he is still recovering. Snizhana shrugged off any expectations for herself and never dreamed that something like this could happen to her, but her children reached out to Dr. Shtimak, and Snizhana was given a transformation.

A Girl who Stopped Socializing Because of her Appearance 

Another heroine of Dr. Shtimak's humanitarian project is 31-year-old Ida Korosec — a young mother of three from Zagreb, who never dreamed of transformation, but luck smiled upon her. She independently applied to participate in the project because problems with her teeth were causing serious issues with her self-esteem. 

A girl who stopped socializing because of her appearance .jpg?format=webp@humanitarni-makeover/

According to the girl, she had long struggled with communication with people, reaching a point where she couldn't genuinely smile even within her own four walls. Even her own children constantly asked her when her permanent teeth would grow, and the girl decided to make changes and is now grateful for the chance at a new life.

This Woman is 80 Years Old!

When we saw the transformations of women done by the Georgian stylist Anar Agakishiev, we were simply shocked! Among his clients are well-known singers and Eurovision participants, but it is his transformations that truly capture attention. Now the stylist works in a studio in Baku. With the help of makeup, he makes women look several decades younger. The stylist has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram!

This woman is 80 years old!.jpg?format=webp@anar_agakishiev/

For example, the woman in the photo is 80 years old, yet Anar made a fantastic transformation. The whole secret lies in the properly selected makeup and hair extensions. 

Makeover for a Former Military

According to Anar, women and their beauty greatly inspire him, to the point where he wants to work tirelessly. The stylist works with women of all backgrounds, regularly shocking his followers with talented transformations. In the photo is Tatiana, a former military sergeant. 

Makeover for a former military.jpg?format=webp@anar_agakishiev/

The stylist decided to lift her spirits with a wonderful transformation and also thanked Tatiana for her positivity and love for life! We are confident that with such people, the world becomes a better place.

The Stylist Saved the Bride's Face Before the Wedding

The Georgian stylist Anar Agakishiev we were talking about earlier also helps women like the one in the photo - who have had unfortunate incidents. This girl had an unsuccessful cosmetic procedure before her wedding, and here are the consequences!

The stylist saved the bride's face before the wedding.jpg?format=webp@anar_agakishiev/

Fortunately, Anar managed to make the consequences unnoticeable and save the girl's wedding. But that's not all the striking transformations created by this talented stylist.

According to the Stylist, there are Simply no Unattractive Women!

Anar firmly believes that every woman, despite all her "imperfections," is beautiful. Furthermore, he believes that these imperfections can be completely forgotten with the right choice of products. 

According to the stylist, there are simply no unattractive women! .jpg?format=webp@anar_agakishiev/

But most importantly, just take notice of how even this woman's perspective changed after the makeover! It's so satisfying to witness such transformations.

A Childhood Accident Left a Lifelong Mark

In the photo is also the heroine of the transformation by Anar Agakishiev. Unfortunately, at the age of six, she experienced a tragedy, the details of which she did not want to discuss. But that incident left a permanent mark on her face.

A childhood accident left a lifelong mark.jpg?format=webp@anar_agakishiev/

On the day she turned to the Georgian stylist, she was going to be a guest at a wedding - Anar performed a wonderful transformation. We're just amazed!

Beauty Knows no Bounds!

Anar once again demonstrated the power of his talent. The transformation in the photo is simply incredible! The stylist is so talented that he was able to visually conceal the asymmetry of the face while working with this beautiful girl. 

Beauty knows no bounds!.jpg?format=webp@anar_agakishiev/

Such photos inspire and once again demonstrate that every person is beautiful in their own way.

This Girl has Inspired Many with Her Courage!

The girl in the photo is named Narmin. Her transformation was presented by the stylist to his million-strong audience on Instagram, and at the same time, he thanked the girl for her courage. According to the stylist, after Narmin approached him and they filmed her video, he started receiving a huge number of letters! 

This girl has inspired many with her courage!.jpg?format=webp@anar_agakishiev/

Thanks to the courage of this girl, people stopped feeling ashamed of their flaws. "I really dream that people who bear the marks of misfortune on their appearance are always loved and accepted by society as they are!" - said Anar. Moreover, the girl in the photo inspired the changes of another beauty whose story we will tell right now.

A Beautiful Bride! 

After watching the video of the Narmin from the previous story, one of the letters Anar received was from the girl in the photo. Her name is Elvira, and together with Narmin, Anar decided to surprise her by creating the wedding look of her dreams, which she had imagined since she was young. 

A beautiful bride! .jpg?format=webp@anar_agakishiev/

The result was stunning! The stylist summed up that in life, there are challenges, and we need to learn to accept them and move on.

A Transformation for a Girl Who Survived a Fire

Sometimes people experience terrifying events that leave reminders of life, such as scars in this case. Beauty vlogger Shalom Blac, who has over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, decided to help this girl transform, and she succeeded tremendously. 

A transformation for a girl who survived a fire.jpg?format=webp@THE TRANSFORMATION AND HUSBAND'S REACTION|Shalom Blac/

According to the makeup artist, the girl was incredibly happy with the result. Moreover, when her husband saw the result, he couldn't hold back tears.

How is it Even Possible to Create Such Beauty?

Looking at this transformation, you become convinced that nothing is impossible. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and your beauty. The girl turned to a makeup artist to conceal the hemangioma on her face, which is very difficult to remove cosmetically, and look at the wonderful transformation that was achieved!

How is it even possible to create such beauty.jpg?format=webp@CHRISTIAN SACLAO/

The girl was able to look at herself from a new perspective and convince herself that there is nothing impossible. She looks stunning! Such transformations inspire women all around the world!

Makeup Works Wonders!

This beautiful girl underwent a really cool transformation. Despite the scar on her face, she accepts herself and isn't afraid to participate in beauty experiments, which once again prove that nothing is impossible. 

Makeup works wonders!.jpg?format=webp@CHRISTIAN SACLAO/

Despite the scar serving as a reminder of the challenging events in the girl's life, details of which she does not disclose, the work of the makeup artist will surely inspire her to embark on new experiments.

This Girl Proves that Anyone Can Change Beyond Recognition!

Meet Mary J Black, a highly creative beauty vlogger. With over 700 thousand subscribers on YouTube, she is on an incredibly valuable mission - to show people that transformation beyond recognition is possible! 

This girl proves that anyone can change beyond recognition! .jpg?format=webp@VIRAL Bridal Gele And Makeup Transformation Cirurgia Plastica Makeup Tutorial/Mary J Black/

She tries out completely different looks on herself, and most importantly, inspires people not to fear change and to never doubt their beauty.

Queen of Beauty

Another Mary J Black piece we talked about earlier. This girl proves that anyone can change beyond recognition! Meet Mary J Black, a highly creative beauty vlogger. With over 700 thousand subscribers on YouTube, she is on an incredibly valuable mission - to show people that transformation beyond recognition is possible! She tries out completely different looks on herself, and most importantly, inspires people not to fear change and to never doubt their beauty.


Those missing teeth? Covered up like they were never gone. And those scars? They disappeared! It's insane! It's like a real-life fairytale, but with makeup instead of a fairy godmother.

Great Job by a Makeup Artist

In fact, not all countries unfortunately embrace diverse human appearances yet. Sadly, there are still people who bully others for being overweight or, for example, having vitiligo. In this case, the makeup artist is doing a noble deed - showing that every person is beautiful. Anyone can be brought closer to perfection, but should they? After all, this girl with vitiligo is naturally beautiful.

Great job by a makeup artist.jpg?format=webp@barimah_makeup_artistry/

It's not just about covering up flaws, it's about embracing what makes you unique and enhancing it to the max. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes, it takes a talented makeup artist to bring out the best in you.

When Danielle Was Just 6 Years Old, there Was a Terrible Fire in their Home...

When Danielle was just 6 years old, she was sleeping with her younger brothers, and a candle fell on the carpet. The 6-year-old girl, without her parents, couldn't do anything. She lost one of her brothers in the fire... Danielle often passed by a beauty salon with her school friends and would often stand by it to watch how they worked. 

When Danielle was just 6 years old, there was a terrible fire in their home.jpg?format=webp@lamari_beautypro/

This did not leave the owner of the beauty salon indifferent, and she decided to make Danielle a gift - a makeover. Danielle smiled and cried when she looked at herself in the mirror after the transformation.

Alopecia is not a Sentence!

The author of this transformation is a girl who has been creating wigs for a long time and shows that even without their own hair, people have the opportunity to create different looks. In the photo is a girl named Bella, and the wig creator expressed her admiration for her confidence in showing alopecia to the world. 

Alopecia is not a sentence!.jpg?format=webp@#ALOPECIA FREEDOM COUTURE MAKEOVER FOR MY BELLA WITH GLUELESS WIG/Freedom.Couture Hair

"I wanted to show a video that reflects a real woman dealing with real issues, who has learned to love herself as she really is, and can also enjoy makeup and wigs," said the video's creator.