The shocking life of Arab sheikhs, which the world must see

25 Oct 2023

Everyone knows that sheikhs have incredible wealth, which ordinary people can only dream of. However, they don`t like to let outsiders into their lives and openly talk about it. Nevertheless, we managed to learn a lot of interesting things about them. What are the Arab kings hiding from the whole world?

1. Steroid-Pumped Horse Races 

Sheikhs engage in various sports, but they have a particular fondness for horse racing. They actively support sports teams and events, placing bets on their favorites. It's no surprise that they almost always win, given that shortly before the horse races, the horses are injected with steroids, ensuring their top positions.

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2. The Most Expensive Toys of Arab Sheikhs 

Historically, young boys participated in camel races. However, in the UAE, the use of underage riders is now prohibited. Nevertheless, the wealthy have found a solution. They employ a remote-controlled robot jockey to steer the camels. This allows the sheikhs to fully enjoy the spectacle.

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3. Falconry 

Another favorite sport of sheikhs is falconry. They deeply respect and admire these birds. The main allure of this sport is the spectacle. Falcons are trained to hunt small animals, making it a cherished pastime among them.

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4. Golden Cars 

Wealthy sheikhs own a vast collection of expensive cars: Bentleys, Ferraris, Bugattis, and more. However, having a luxury car turned out to be insufficient for them. To stand out even more, the affluent cover their cars in gold. The value of these golden vehicles can reach up to 6 million dollars.

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5. Three-Day Weddings

Sheikhs love to celebrate and know how to do it in style. Their weddings, or those of their children, can last for several days, filled with luxurious evenings, days of entertainment, and spectacular fireworks. 

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6. Unusual Dowries

Sheikhs possess immense wealth, and therefore, they often present extraordinary gifts. For instance, one Arab king gifted his daughter a golden toilet on her wedding day. The restroom was adorned with golden furnishings, including a golden vanity and a golden bidet. Needless to say, the bride must have appreciated her parent's extravagant gesture.

6. Unusual Dowries .jpg?format=webp@Saudi Arabia king Gifted Golden Toilet to hiDaughter on her Marriage/Royal's Rumble/

7. Luxury tanks

Prince Fazza not only has a luxurious car collection but also a unique tank collection. The most expensive tank is worth around half a million dollars. Fazza often organizes rallies with his tanks in the desert. As they say, it's not just about cars.

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8. Golden ATMs 

If you're a sheikh, you have the privilege of using golden ATMs. Regular folks won't find any cash here as these ATMs read your card. If it doesn't have millions, you're not their customer. For the wealthy, these machines dispense not just cash but also gold bars.

8. Golden ATMs .jpg?format=webp@ATM machine dispenses gold/SheikhHamdanFazza/

9. Million-Dollar Par

Of course, sheikhs throw extravagant parties. However, there's limited information about them because these events usually happen behind closed doors and under strict confidentiality. But Saudi Prince Fahd al-Saud couldn't hide the scale of his celebration. He marked his graduation night in grand style, hosting it at Disneyland. The prince spared no expense, spending not just a lot but a whopping $20 million on his party.

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10. Gold Food

Some sheikhs consider gold to be beneficial for health. Therefore, they actively consume beverages made with 24-carat gold and decorate their food with gold. Additionally, in this way, they impress their guests with their incredible wealth.

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Sheikh Hamad of the UAE became known for creating a drainage system that supplies water to the desert area. However, the uniqueness lies not in the system itself but in its shape. When viewed from above, the system forms the letters of his name, "HAMAD," which can even be seen from space. 

11. HAMAD.jpg?format=webp@Marcuswolfplay1/

12. Golden Swee

In Dubai, there are unique pastry chefs who create confectionery items made of gold specifically for the sheikhs. These chefs need to be highly skilled to make the treats not only edible but also exquisite enough to impress the Emir.

12. Golden Sweets.jpg?format=webp@Golden Colour Cake Design 2022/Golden Cake Decorating Ideas/Cake Design/Saumya Fashion/

13. Learned Sheikhs

A sheikh cannot be illiterate: he must have a proper and respectable education. This rule is crucial for all men in the royal family. For example, Sheikh Hamdan received an excellent education in the United Kingdom, graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, as well as the London School of Economics and Dubai School of Government. He is fluent in Arabic, English, and French. Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah studied political science in Washington, at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He is proficient in three languages: Arabic, French, and Hebrew. 

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14. Do Genies Exist?

Perhaps Arab rulers know more than ordinary mortals do, especially when they seem to have everything in life. Many sheikhs believe in mythical beings, such as genies. Some even hire experts in this field to protect themselves from unseen forces. Additionally, many of them are highly superstitious, attaching significant importance to specific numbers, objects, or rituals.

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15. Royal Wives

Sheikhs are allowed up to 4 wives, but in reality, they often have many more. The primary rule they must follow is to provide each wife with wealth. It seems the sheikhs handle this well, allowing them to afford more than one beloved.

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16. How Sheikh's Wives Liv

There are many stereotypes about Arab wives. In reality, wives of Arab sheikhs lead active lives, often with higher education, and attending social events. They also participate in charitable projects and frequently dress elegantly, embracing European styles.

16. How Sheikh's Wives Live.jpg?format=webp@Ultra Rich Lifestyle of Dubai Ruler/Zem TV/

17. Under Strict Confidentiality

In many Arab countries, for example in the UAE, the government officially restricts freedom of speech in the country. There is no tabloid press here, writing about the personal lives of sheikhs is prohibited, and many websites are blocked.

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18. Kissing culture

Sheikhs often seal their business deals with a forehead kiss. In Arab culture, this gesture symbolizes immense respect and the highest regard. This practice has been in existence for a long time and is used not only in business meetings but also in everyday life.

18. Kissing culture  .jpg?format=webp

19. Shopping Exclusive to Manchester

Shopping is the favorite pastime of sheikhs, and they indulge in it like no other. They love to shop in Manchester, where they spend no less than £10,000 on a single trip. They prefer this city because all the branded stores are close to the hotels where they rent empty rooms to assemble their purchases.

Shopping Exclusive to Manchester1.jpg?format=webp@Baw sie - Zakupy Szejka (Sheikh Shopping)/bawsieTV/

20. Love for Selfies

Arab Kings adore taking selfies and do it very often: at receptions, at social events, and simply in their free time. After all, we're all human, and nothing human is foreign to us.

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21. Unique Greeting Tradition

Arab sheikhs, like most Muslims, adhere to the tradition of pressing noses when greeting their equals. This custom dates back to the times of the Bedouins who once inhabited the Persian Gulf. Through this gesture, sheiks demonstrate profound respect for their conversation partners. Interestingly, even during the pandemic, they have not abandoned this tradition. 

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22. Pools with Mineral Water

One of the world's wealthiest individuals is the UAE President, Sheikh Khalifa Al Nahyan, whose fortune is estimated at $150 billion. His residences are truly luxurious: each one is equipped with pools and fountains filled with mineral water. The fountain's sound system, lighting, and air conditioning are all managed through an iPhone.

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23. Serviced Estates Where Sheikhs Rarely Visit

Sheikhs own numerous residences, although they don't frequent all of them regularly, and some they may never visit at all. Nevertheless, these estates still have staff who take care of the properties and receive their salaries promptly.

23. Serviced Estates Where Sheikhs Rarely Visit.jpg?format=webp@Inside The Trillionaire Lifestyle Of The Saudi Prince/9 Figure Life/

24. Gift of Allah

Arab kings breed a highly rare breed of dog - Salukis. These ancient and uncommon breeds are considered symbols of speed. They are the only dogs Arabs consider purebred. In translation, Saluki means “Gift of Allah”.

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25. Sheikhs Skillfully Navigate Traffic Jams

Sheikhs have found a way to avoid unexpected disruptions during their travels. Billionaires are not willing to waste their precious time waiting in traffic jams. Therefore, they often use private helicopters for transportation, allowing them to bypass congested roads effortlessly.

25. Sheikhs Skillfully Navigate Traffic Jams.jpg?format=webp@Arab Billionaires And Their Royal Lifestyles/TheRichest/

26. Airplanes for Falcons

Falcons and their upkeep cost a significant amount of money. However, the wealthy don't hesitate to spend on their beloved pastime. To ensure the birds are comfortable, they are transported in first-class airplanes as needed.

26. Airplanes for Falcons.jpg?format=webp@informationtiger/

27. For Falcons, Only the Best

You've heard about airplanes, but get ready to be amazed even further: sheikhs have established complete hospitals just for falcons. These facilities are equipped with all necessary medical tools and medications. Experienced medical staff regularly examines the birds and provides necessary treatments when needed. Sheikhs highly value falcons, as they are a symbol of the United Arab Emirates. These birds hold a significant place in the country's history, aiding Bedouins in desert hunting. Additionally, the falcon is depicted on the country's coat of arms and currency.

27. For Falcons, Only the Best.jpg?format=webp@World's Largest Falcon Hospital in UAE/Luxury Zone/Voice of America/

28. In a Car with a Cheetah

Another extraordinary sight is a sheikh driving around the city with his pet cheetah. While owning exotic animals has been declared illegal in the UAE, some individuals find it hard to part ways with their wild companions.

28. In a Car with a Cheetah.jpg?format=webp@foundings/

29. Diamond-Covered Car

We've marveled at golden cars, but one sheikh took it a step further: he adorned his Mercedes with diamonds and lined it with furs, making his vehicle the most expensive car in the world. The car's value reached 48 million dollars. It belongs to one of the top ten richest people in the world, Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia. Just to touch it, an ordinary person needs to pay $1000.

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30. The Most Luxurious Stables in the World

Sheikhs' horses live better than most people. These noble animals reside in stables with marble floors and luxurious draperies. It's a unique project that no one has managed to replicate in the world. There is currently no equivalent to these stables anywhere else.

30. The Most Luxurious Stables in the World.jpg?format=webp@muhpidu/

31. Private Zoos

Arab kings even have their own private zoos. These zoos house elephants, gazelles, tigers, lions, gorillas, and cheetahs. The animals live in comfortable conditions and are under 24/7 surveillance.

31. Private Zoos.jpg?format=webp@Humaid Abdalla Albuqaish's Pets | Rich Kids of Dubai | Humaid Abdalla Albuqaish Car Collection/Videos Compilation/

32. Childhood with Wild Animals

Dangerous predators like cheetahs, leopards, and lions live with Prince Fazza's family. He trusts these animals and allows his children to play with them. Furthermore, he even places his head in their mouths.

32. Childhood with Wild Animals.jpg?format=webp@Dubai Crown Prince Fazza Loving Baby Lion/Celebrity Mud/

33. Precious Watches

Arab Monarchs are true watch enthusiasts and constantly wear them. The value of these timepieces ranges from $500,000 to millions of dollars. Arab dignitaries prefer watches adorned with diamonds and rare gemstones, which are worth real treasures. It's worth mentioning that sheikhs have entire collections of such watches.

33. Precious Watches.jpg?format=webp@$50,000,000 Unseen ROLEX Royal Family Watches in Dubai/Phil Reid/

34. Car Rallies in the Desert

For sheikhs, nothing is impossible. Since they have their own car collections, they put them to good use not only as means of transportation. Arab kings often organize rallies with their high-end cars in the desert. It's a great way for them to place bets and show off their new cars.

34. Car Rallies in the Desert.jpg?format=webp@How The Royal Dubai Kids Spend Their Billions (2)/TheRichest/

35. Cars of the Day

Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the former Emir of Qatar, owns a variety of luxurious cars. However, what sets them apart is that each of them is of a different color. This unique choice is because the former king decided that each day of the week has its own color.

35. Cars of the Day.jpg?format=webp@Arab Billionaires And Their Royal Lifestyles/TheRichest/

36. Showing off Cars

Sheikhs don't hide their wealth, instead, they take pride in it and flaunt it. Occasionally, they organize exhibitions of their car collections, allowing people to admire their latest acquisitions.

36. Showing off Cars.jpg?format=webp@Dubai Crown Prince Hamdan bin Muhammad vs Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman | Who’s the best?/BE INFORMED/

37. House on the Water

Sheikhs' yachts boast unprecedented sizes. In everyday terms, they are referred to as nothing less than houses on the water. It's not surprising considering the immense size of these yachts. They feature numerous rooms, multiple dining areas, meeting rooms, and entire relaxation zones – what else could they be but houses?

37. House on the Water.jpg?format=webp@Arab Billionaires And Their Royal Lifestyles/TheRichest/

38. Home cinema

Sheikhs also have a penchant for movies. However, you won't find them in regular cinemas. Frankly, they don't need to go there; they have their own cinemas not only in their palaces but also on their yachts.

38. Home cinema .jpg?format=webp@Arab Billionaires And Their Royal Lifestyles/TheRichest/

39. Love for Football

When a sheikh has a passion for something, they buy it outright because they believe in having only the best. For instance, Prince Hamad purchased an entire British football club – Newcastle United. Sheikhs often invite football stars to their residences. Cristiano Ronaldo, who is currently playing in Saudi Arabia, is a frequent guest at Prince Hamad's palace.

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40. Amusement Park

One of the sheikhs spent 1 billion dollars to create the world's largest amusement park. It was named IMG Worlds of Adventure. The park is so vast that it can accommodate 28 football fields. It features the signature attraction, Velociraptor – the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the Emirates. In total, the park boasts 21 attractions, 28 dining areas, and 25 retail stores, featuring characters from Marvel and Cartoon Network.

40. Amusement Park.jpg?format=webp@emiratesvisaorg/

41. Traditional Sports in Unconventional Places

Many Arab sheikhs are tennis enthusiasts. However, playing on a regular court is not exciting for these billionaires. Therefore, one of them created the world's highest tennis court, situated in Dubai. It features a green rooftop located 300 meters above the ground in the luxurious Burj al-Arab Hotel.

41. Traditional Sports in Unconventional Places.jpg?format=webp@AOL_9/

42. Mountain Skiing in the Middle of the Desert

Despite living in an extremely hot climate, the sheikhs have found a way to cool off. They have ice hotels and the world's largest indoor ski resort in Dubai. The resort maintains a constant temperature of 0.6 degrees Celsius. It features five ski slopes catering to different skill levels.

42. Mountain Skiing in the Middle of the Desert.jpg?format=webp@Ski Dubai: a Ski Resort in the Desert/Viator Travel/

43. Incredible Art Collections

Arab Kings acquire unique art collections that can only be seen in their private residences. For instance, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman purchased the original painting 'Salvator Mundi' by Leonardo da Vinci for a staggering $450 million.

43. Incredible Art Collections.jpg?format=webp@Arab Billionaires And Their Royal Lifestyles/TheRichest/

44. Unique Aspects of Sheikh's Cuisine

Sheikhs adore their traditional cuisine, often indulging in dishes like manakish and kabsa. However, they have peculiar eating habits as well. Arab kings, who are deeply invested in their well-being, incorporate various exotic and strange foods into their diet, believing them to be beneficial and medicinal. So, they eat sea cucumbers and sea urchins, various types of caviar such as herring roe, as well as zebra and kangaroo meat.

44. Unique Aspects of Sheikh's Cuisine.jpg?format=webp@H.H. Sheikh Hamdan ,having lunch with UncleSaeed and friends at Czn Burak Resturant in Dubai/SheikhHamdanFazza/

45. Coffee Ceremonies

Eastern billionaires can organize luxurious coffee preparation ceremonies, using the most expensive varieties of coffee beans. Additionally, they have their own museums dedicated to this beverage, where one can see various types of coffee beans.

45. Coffee Ceremonies.jpg?format=webp@Inside The Trillionaire Lifestyle Of The Saudi Prince/9 Figure Life/

46. Prayer Duties


The Kings of the East, like most Muslims, are deeply religious. They strictly adhere to the principles of the Quran and are required to pray at least five times a day, as part of their daily religious duties.

46. Prayer Duties .jpg?format=webp

47. Sheikhs on the Subway 

Despite their incredible wealth, sometimes sheikhs can be seen traveling... on the subway. At least, in 2016, photos surfaced in the press of an Arab royal family during their trip to London, where they were spotted using public transportation. Perhaps for them, it's as exotic as their golden cars are for us!

47. Sheikhs on the Subway .jpg?format=webp@Dubai Prince Travelling in Metro | Dubai King Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum | @sumantvtelugulive/SumanTV Telugu/

48. Sheikhs Can Be Found on Social Media

Most royal families in the world, including the British, do not maintain social media accounts due to restrictions. However, the Arab crown prince Fazza does have his own active Instagram page. Currently, he is followed by over 15 million subscribers.

48. Sheikhs Can Be Found on Social Media .jpg?format=webp@You'll Be Speechless! Who's More Awesome Than Prince Hamdan?/BUZZ STORY /

49. The Most Beautiful Camel

Among the sheikhs, there are enthusiasts for camels. Prince Fazza, in particular, has his own collection of camels. The most expensive among them is worth $2.7 million. His favorite camel often participates in camel races and even once won a beauty contest.

49. The Most Beautiful Camel .jpg?format=webp@Arab Billionaires And Their Royal Lifestyles/TheRichest/

50. Hospitality

The Kings of the East are renowned for their hospitality. They are always delighted to welcome guests, offering them various delicacies and presenting different gifts. In this way, they honor their visitors. Indeed, it is impossible for an ordinary person to meet a sheikh. However, the Eastern kings are always happy to meet knowledgeable guests with whom a meeting has been arranged in advance.

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