50 surprising photos from beauty contests

17 Jan 2023

We are all used to traditional beauty contests, during which models impress with their beauty and charisma. However, it turns out that there are also original beauty contests, the photos of which will shock you!

1. Miss Klingon Empire

During this original beauty pageant, contestants dress up as Klingons. These are the inhabitants of a fantastic alien civilization of humanoids. Sounds interesting, but looks a bit shocking! By the way, the participants of Miss Klingon Empire are carefully selected, not everyone can participate in this contest. For example, during the 2020 contest, the number of participants was limited to only 10! How is the evaluation of the contestants? They are judged on the whole look, which includes makeup, costume and modeling, talent, and personality. And speaking of winning, there's $600 up for grabs.

1.jpg?format=webp@15 Weirdest Beauty Pageants From Around The World / Lutch Green / YouTube.com

2. The Big Belly Festival 

This beauty contest seems strange to us, but in Ethiopia, this is a very popular event! During The Big Belly Festival, the man with the biggest belly is chosen. It turns out that men with big bellies are honored in Ethiopia. The bigger the belly, the better! Moreover, to participate in this competition, men specifically grow their bellies to simply immense sizes. And all because in this competition, participants are fighting for the hand of the most beautiful girl! During preparation for the competition men switch to very high-calorie foods and move little.

2.jpg?format=webp@The Big Belly Festival In Ethiopia | BODI TRIBE / Phacts / YouTube.com

3. Miss Landmine Survivor

The Miss Landmine Survivor contest takes place in Angola, where there was a war from 1975 to 2002. Its victims were about half a million people, many of whom were blown up by mines. During the Miss Landmine Survivor competition, the most beautiful among the girls affected by the mine explosion is chosen. The winner of the competition receives a prosthesis from one of the world's best companies as a reward. By the way, the idea of the competition belongs to the Norwegian artist Morten Traavik, who is trying to draw public attention to this problem.

3.jpg?format=webp@15 Weirdest Beauty Pageants From Around The World / Lutch Green / YouTube.com

4. Bathing Beauty Contest for Grandmothers 

This competition was popular in the 30s of the last century, but the photos from this event are still impressive! As you can see, older, clearly self-confident women participate in the competition. After all, they had to go on stage not in ordinary clothes, but in swimming suits. A huge number of spectators were usually going to watch this competition because it was a real performance! Grandmothers not only defiled, but also jumped, danced, and did other things that cheered up everyone around. We would love to see such a fun beauty pageant too!

4.jpg?format=webp@Steeplechase Park stages its annual Bathing Beauty contest for grandmothers at Co...HD Stock Footage / CriticalPast / YouTube.com

5. The Most Beautiful Beard and Moustache 

This beauty contest has long been popular among bearded men! A debut championship of mustaches and bearded men was held in 1990 in Germany. After that, the event began to acquire international status. In the competition for the title of the most luxurious facial hair, any applicant with a beard or mustache, regardless of age, can fight. There are 18 nominations. In each of them, the judges choose three winners. They evaluate the creativity, the image, and the density of vegetation, meticulously examining each of the participants. By the way, the championship doesn't have a permanent location, so the competition is held in new places every time.

5.jpg?format=webp@The World Beard and Moustache Championship Is a Thing / Inside Edition / YouTube.com

6. Nails Beauty Contest

Perhaps, almost every girl dreams of beautiful long nails! However, in this beauty contest, it isn't the natural beauty of the nails that is judged, but the nail design, which sometimes looks crazy! Just look at the photo! It's hard to even imagine where you can go with such huge nails. Moreover, it will be hard to even leave the house like this, because it’s simply impossible to do many familiar things with such nails! However, the masters are trying to surprise the jury with their imagination and creativity.

Depositphotos_245289416_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

7. Miss Drumsticks

While some people like to see the turkey only as a dish on the festive table, others dedicate beauty contests to this bird! The Miss Drumsticks beauty pageant is held every year in Arkansas. During the competition, the participants perform in masks with the image of a turkey, that is, you can only see the legs of the beauties. The contestant with the most beautiful legs wins! By the way, this original event is very popular among the audience and among the girls who want to prove the beauty of their legs. There are such amazing competitions.

7.jpg?format=webp@10 Unusual Beauty Pageants You Won't Believe Exist / TheThings Celebrity / YouTube.com

8. Miss Penitentiary

The Miss Penitentiary contest is held annually in one of the largest women's prisons in the United States and Brazilian prisons. There, a competition was organized by the Brazilian Ministry of Social Development and Human Rights to reintegrate convicted women into society. Miss Penitentiary is such a popular beauty pageant that sometimes it's even featured on the news. And the contest collects very high ratings of views. By the way, in this original beauty contest, not only the beauty of the participant is evaluated, but also their intelligence, as well as their behavior during the period of serving time.

@10 Unusual Beauty Pageants You Won't Believe Exist / TheThings Celebrity / YouTube.com

9. Miss Beautiful Eyes

Probably the organizers of this beauty contest decided that the most beautiful thing in a woman is her eyes! No fashion shows in bikinis and evening dresses. In Miss beautiful eyes, the contestants must wear bags or masks with holes for the eyes so that nothing else distracts the jury. Such competitions were very popular in the thirties of the last century in the USA and England. And, of course, in those days, no one did eyelash extensions or lamination, and women didn't insert colored lenses into the eyes, so it was the natural beauty of the eyes that were evaluated.

@DID YOU KNOW Bizarre Beauty Pageants / Plastik Magazine / YouTube.com

10. Miss ‘Latex contraception’

At first glance, this competition looks very strange! However, it exists and is very popular. The competition involves 20 girls from 4 countries who compete in inflating latex contraceptives. Apparently, in addition to the beauty of the participants, the jury decided to evaluate how strong the breath of each of the contestants was. At the same time, contraceptive manufacturers will find out who their strongest competitor is! Well, jokes aside, it's hard to imagine an even more original contest, but we still have something to surprise you with.

@10 Unusual Beauty Pageants You Won't Believe Exist / TheThings Celebrity/YouTube.com

11. Neatest Figure Competition

While in some beauty contests eyes, ankles, or other parts of the body of women were evaluated, in this contest, all attention was paid to the figure of the girls. And so that the jury would not reflect anything from the bodies of the participants, the girls put a bag on their heads. Looks kind of weird, doesn't it? However, even despite this, the competition was so popular in the 50s of the last century. Many girls took part in it, as well as many spectators watched the events with great interest.

11.jpg?format=webp@DID YOU KNOW Bizarre Beauty Pageants / Plastik Magazine / YouTube.com

12. Miss Fat and Beautiful

This competition is very popular in Israel! By the way, such beauty contests have been held there for more than 15 years. Some media call the annual Miss Fat and Beautiful pageant Israel's biggest fashion show. The competition is attended by girls from all over the country in the weight category from 80 to 110 kilograms. During the event, girls defile in casual and evening wear, but usually, there is no defile in swimsuits traditional for ordinary beauty contests. According to the organizers of the competition, its main goal is to prove that beauty can be of various sizes!

@10 Unusual Beauty Pageants You Won't Believe Exist / TheThings Celebrity / YouTube.com

13. Miss Holocaust Survivor

This unusual beauty pageant has been regularly held in Israel since 2012. The purpose of the competition is to help women Holocaust survivors feel important and beautiful. All participants can feel like real queens! They do make-up and hairstyles, after which the contestants walk along the catwalk. Participants admit that they come to the competition to have fun, socialize, and feel happy. By the way, it turns out that not everyone likes this competition.  

13.jpg?format=webp@10 Strangest Beauty Pageants You Won't Believe Exist / Top 10 Things / YouTube.com

14. Prettiest Ankle Contest

As you have already noticed, in the last century, special beauty contests were very popular, glorifying the excellent physical shape of girls. It was possible to get the title of the owner of the most beautiful shoulders, legs, and even ankles! During this competition, the contestants hid behind a curtain and left only their ankles exposed. Moreover, even the media wrote about this competition then! One of the newspapers wrote that older ladies should not be shy either, because they have the same chances of winning as their daughters. By the way, often the ankle competition served as an advertisement for some hosiery company.

14.jpg?format=webp@DID YOU KNOW Bizarre Beauty Pageants / Plastik Magazine / YouTube.com

15. Miss Artificial Beauty

About 20 years ago, the world's first Miss Artificial Beauty contest was held in Beijing. All participants of the competition provided certificates of undergone surgical interventions. This was a prerequisite to avoid cheating in the competition. The decision to hold this artificial beauty contest was made after one contestant who underwent plastic surgery was disqualified during the regular contest. By the way, every year the people of China spend about 2.4 billion dollars on plastic surgery.  

15.jpg?format=webp@15 Weirdest Beauty Pageants From Around The World / Lutch Green / YouTube.com

16. Miss Potato Queen

In the photo, you can see the 1935 Miss Idaho Potato. At one time, many sites and magazines flew around, because it looks very original! And we can't argue. After all, while in traditional beauty contests girls wear glamorous evening dresses and bikinis, in this contest you need to lie beautifully in potatoes! I wonder why now food-related beauty contests are no longer popular. After all, it's very funny. Moreover, it's a great way for manufacturers to advertise their products. Would you dare to take part in the competition?

Miss Potato Queen.jpg?format=webp@Beautiful Women of the 1930s-60s:Photos Strange Beauty Contests/Retro Land/YouTube.com

17. Diaper Queen

And this is probably one of the strangest beauty contests you've ever heard of. During this beauty pageant, girls had to parade their diapers on the catwalk, hosted by the Diaper Service Institute of America. However, judging by the smiles on the faces of the girls, their diapers were in no way embarrassing! On the contrary, the willingness to go on the podium in such a scene indicates that the girl doesn't have any complexes, and has a sense of humor. And what do you think about this?

17. Diaper Queen.jpg?format=webp@Beautiful Women of the 1930s-60s:Photos Strange Beauty Contests/Retro Land/YouTube.com

18. Miss Atomic Bomb

The organizers of this strange beauty pageant were inspired by the first US atomic bomb launch in 1952! After it, showmen in Las Vegas announced the Miss Atomic Bomb contest. Beautiful girls with perfect shapes took part in the event, but something distinguished this competition from all the others. In every image, the girls had to somehow beat a nuclear explosion. Some created a semblance of an explosion on their heads, some dressed up in a dress in the form of an explosion - no one limited the imagination of the participants! By the way, the competition was very successful for several years in a row!

18.jpg?format=webp@The Strangest Beauty Pageant Contests Ever / chuyen Nghe / YouTube.com

19. Alternative Miss Ireland

The Alternative Miss Ireland contest was originally conceived as a fundraiser for the LGBTQ+ community. The event quickly became very popular! It took place regularly in Dublin, Ireland for 25 years! The show was attended by gay people who will perform with bright numbers. This show was usually over three and a half hours long and consisted of beauty pageant rounds in day wear, swimwear, and evening wear. The show ran from 1987 to 2012. However, now in the world, there are many similar competitions.

19.jpg?format=webp@Top 10 Weird "Beauty" PAGEANTS / TopTenz / YouTube.com

20. Marilyn Monroe Look-Alike Competitions

Marilyn Monroe has been an undeniable beauty symbol for many years! People around the world have been admiring her appearance for a long time. So it's not surprising that Marilyn Monroe's lookalike contests were quite popular at one time. They were held throughout the United States, and also abroad. In 1958 Marilyn Monroe's lookalike contests were held in Great Britain. The participants were measured by Marilyn Monroe cutouts to see if their figures matched that of the star. The girl whose figure most closely resembled Marilyn's parameters became the winner.

20. Marilyn Monroe Look-Alike Competitions.jpg?format=webp@Vintage Weird Beauty Contests/Paul Currie/YouTube.com

 21. Miss Muslim Moral

The Miss Muslim Moral contest has been held since 2008 in Saudi Arabia. And this event is a real find for those who want to be appreciated not for their face or figure, but for their rich inner world. During the competition, there is no frank defile in swimsuits, because the contestants are selected based on their respectful attitude toward their parents. The girls perform in traditional, closed Arab clothing. By the way, the girl who obeys her mother best of all receives a large cash prize and other gifts.

21.jpg?format=webp@Top 10 Weird "Beauty" PAGEANTS / TopTenz / YouTube.com

22. Big Nose Competition

Beauty contests, where the biggest nose is chosen, are popular in many European countries, for example, Italy and Germany. In the German city of Langenbruck, a competition for the biggest nose has been held every five years since 1961. Participants from different European countries come to it. Everyone can take part in the competition, however, in the first stage of the competition, judges measure noses to determine the most promising contestants. The winner is the one whose nose is larger than the others when adding the indicators of its length and width.

@Italy - Big nose competition / AP Archive / YouTube.com

23. Miss Perfect Posture

People say that good posture is very important! This is exactly what the beauty contest organizers decided, which we will now talk about. From 1956 to 1969, the Miss Perfect Posture competition was held in the USA. The emphasis was not on the girl's beauty but on her correct posture. The girls stood near their X-ray pictures, done in three projections: standing straight, on the left, and on the right leg. The participants stood on special platforms that showed the weight distribution between two feet. The first competition winner, Louise Conway, had a perfect distribution - 50 for 50. 

23. Miss Perfect Posture.jpg?format=webp@JustBlue/Reddit.com

24. Miss Jumbo Queen

It seems that girls in Thailand have no complexes because many regularly participate in the competition Miss Jumbo Queen competition. The event takes place in an enclosure for elephants, but it's not animals that participate in it at all, but girls weighing more than 90 kilos.

Original, to say the least. By the way, this beauty contest was created not to emphasize that beauty has no dimensions, but to draw public attention to the problem of the disappearance of elephants. Unexpected, right? However, judging by the happy faces of the participants, they like everything that happens at the competition, and nothing bothers them.

24.jpg?format=webp@10 Strangest Beauty Pageants You Won't Believe Exist / Top 10 Things / YouTube.com

25. Womanless Beauty Pageant

You won't see any women in this beauty pageant, although the contestants will walk around the stage in dresses. As you may have guessed, this beauty contest is attended by men who dress up as women. The main goal of this competition is to create a good mood for everyone and show your creativity. By the way, such contests are popular not only among adults but also among children! The Womanless Beauty Pageant is often held at many schools and colleges in the United States for charitable and educational purposes. By the way, girls are the judges in this competition most often.

25.jpg?format=webp@Womanless Beauty Pageant for Yazoo's DHS Kids / WJTV 12 News / YouTube.com

26. Queen of The Pet Festival

This photo shows the beautiful Sunny Austin, Queen of the Pet Festival 1964. But let's see what this unique beauty contest is! During this competition, the beauties posed together with various animals. Anyone could become a companion of the participants: a cute sheep, or a huge parrot! It would be nice to organize a similar competition today. In this way, attention can be drawn to many problems associated with animals. For example, many species of animals are simply disappearing from the Earth, and something needs to be done about it!

Lipstick Queen.jpg?format=webp@Beautiful Women of the 1930s-60s:Photos Strange Beauty Contests/Retro Land/YouTube.com

27. Gerewol Beauty Festival

Gerewol Beauty Festival is one of the few events where women evaluate the appearance of men! The men of the pastoral Wodaabe tribe consider themselves the most beautiful in the world. The strong half of this extremely archaic tribe adheres to high standards of beauty, including good physical shape, and the ability to dress and take care of their appearance. Every autumn, the Wodaabe arrange a beauty contest among their young men. By the way, the main purpose of the Gerewol holiday is not a demonstration of beauty but the search for a mate for a young man.

27.jpg?format=webp@GEREWOL FESTIVAL: A FASCINATING RITUAL AND BEAUTY CONTEST FOR MEN / DiariesofaBackpacker / YouTube.com

28. Ugliest Face Competition

This is the so-called beauty contest in reverse! What is this strange event? Every August in Bilbao (Spain) the popular Aste Nagusia Festival takes place, during which you can see bright fireworks and visit cultural entertainment. However, one of the most anticipated events is the original beauty contest. It looks like a theatrical performance dedicated to the opposite of grace and beauty. The goal of the Ugliest Face Competition is to come up with the ugliest look. One by one, the members twist their facial features, making the audience laugh.

28. Ugliest Face Competition.jpg?format=webp@Gurning World Championships | The World's Ugliest Sport | Trans World Sport/YouTube.com

29. Miss Pin-Up

The Miss Pin-Up contest is already one of New Zealand's calling cards. It takes place regularly in Auckland and makes you feel like you've traveled back in time to the 1950s. Girls of completely different weights and height dress in retro outfits with long gloves and pearls. On the participants, you will see original, voluminous hairstyles and bright red lipstick, of course. Also, girls of absolutely any age can take part in this competition! And this is wonderful, because beauty has no limits, and even more so, age!

29.jpg?format=webp@Miss Pinup New Zealand 2016 / Very Vintage / YouTube.com

30. Catfish Queen

While in some beauty contests, the participants defile with crowns on their heads, in this unusual contest the girls posed with a huge fish! The girl is pictured holding a 56-pound catfish while posing at the Hotel New Yorker. Well, what a great way to draw attention to your neat figure. Indeed, compared with this fish, the girl in the photo looks even more sophisticated. Moreover, not every beauty has the strength in her hands to hold such a weight. So this competition is an opportunity to demonstrate all your strengths!

30. Catfish Queen.jpg?format=webp@Beautiful Women of the 1930s-60s:Photos Strange Beauty Contests/Retro Land/YouTube.com

31. Children’s Beauty Pageant 

While some people are delighted with children's beauty contests, others believe that children shouldn't take part in such events. After all, at least it's very difficult for children. We are talking about constant exhausting rehearsals, daily makeup, and costumes that sometimes look strange. Organizers try to visually turn little girls into adult women by putting artificial breasts on them in a suit, and so on. As for the children who take part in such competitions, everything here is also very individual. Some are delighted, while others are crying backstage because they don't want to go on stage.

31.jpg?format=webp@Mini Dolly Parton Wows Judges At The Hearts And Crowns Pageant | Toddlers & Tiaras

32. Miss Radio

Yes, yes, it was Miss Radio, you read it right! In the last century, beauty contests were very original! The girls had to amaze the jury not only with their beauty and intelligence but also with their creativity! After all, you must admit, it’s not so easy to come up with a cool costume in honor of the radio. And, by the way, in the photo is the costume of the winner of the Miss Radio contest of the 1930s. Looks very glamorous! In this and today you can go to a costume party!

32. Miss Radio.jpg?format=webp@Beautiful Women of the 1930s-60s:Photos Strange Beauty Contests/Retro Land/YouTube.com

33. Lithuanian Long Hair Contest 

Every year in Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania, a beauty contest is held, where the girl with the longest and most beautiful hair is determined. However, this competition doesn’t always look glamorous. For example, take a look at the strange hairstyle that the girls in the photo did. But as people say, everyone has different tastes. About 200 girls usually take part in this original competition, and the winners are usually asked about their hair care secrets. Often girls answer that they don’t have any special secrets.

33.jpg?format=webp@Lithuanian long hair contest 3 / vlhluv / YouTube.com

34. ZULU Traditional Beauty Contest

This beauty contest is shocking from the first seconds! It is regularly hosted by the Zulus of South Africa, who are known for their strong fighting spirit. The contestants usually take part in the contest without a bra. But that's not the strangest thing either. More shocking dance near the fire! This is at least dangerous, but the Zulus are not afraid and have fun in this way. This beauty contest is more like a fun performance in which people take part without complexes and restrictions in their heads.

Depositphotos_49929315_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

35. Miss American Vampire

This original beauty pageant originated in 1970 as a promotional tool for the feature-length horror film House of Dark Shadows. Girls aged 18 to 25  tried on the most sophisticated "vampire image" with originality, charm, and poise. Charisma and videogenicity were also important, as the competition winner received a weekly role on the TV show Dark Shadows. Well, as you can see, the organizers of beauty contests often surprise with their imagination. Moreover, not only are beauty contests original, but prizes for their winners.

35. Miss American Vampire.jpg?format=webp@itsleviOsa/Reddit.com

36. Eyelashes Beauty Competition

While some say that naturalness is in fashion, others shock the world with their huge eyelashes! The beauty contest for the title of the most beautiful eyelash has been going on for quite a long time, and its popularity is only growing. However, take a look at the photo. These eyelashes look, to put it mildly, not very glamorous. However, some people like to impress with their creativity, so we suspect that in the future, girls will walk the catwalk with even more original eyelashes.

36.jpg?format=webp@Eyelash Fantasy 2009 competition sponsored by Perfect Silk Lashes.avi / thebeautypoint / YouTube.com

37. Barefoot Beauty Pageant

Yes, there is even a competition for the most beautiful bare feet! In this competition, only the lowest part of the contestants' legs is visible. Not only the beauty of the feet is evaluated, but also their ability to cope with various tasks. For example, crush the grapes, as you see in the photo. By the way, many men consider women's feet one of the most attractive body parts of girls. And on the Internet, you can even find various ratings of the most beautiful feet among celebrities.

37.jpg?format=webp@MTV's 1st Annual Barefoot Beauty Pageant with Mike Kelton / Latest Interesting Viral Videos / YouTube.com

38. Jennifer Aniston Look-Alike Contest

If in the last century, they held beauty contests for similarity with Marilyn Monroe, then in our time contests for similarity with modern idols of millions have become popular. Perhaps one of the brightest contests of this type is a contest in which both girls and men take the stage in the image of Jennifer Aniston! By the way, look at the photo. All contestants are dressed exactly like Rachel from Friends. Well, this series will never lose its popularity! So if you also adore Jennifer Aniston, then you know what competition you can take part in.

38.jpg?format=webp@Jennifer Aniston Look Alike Contest - Saturday Night Live / Saturday Night Live / YouTube.com

39. Albinism Beauty Pageant 

In 2016, Kenya hosted the first beauty contest among albinos. The main objective of this event is to draw attention to the discrimination, violence, prejudice, and superstition faced by albinos in East Africa. Girls and boys take part in this beauty contest not only from Kenya but also from neighboring countries - Tanzania, and Uganda. As in other beauty contests, the participants competed in the gracefulness of their walk and the ability to present themselves demonstrated their talents to the audience, and staged a real fashion show.

39.jpg?format=webp@First Ever Albinism Beauty Pageant Proves Different Is Gorgeous/POPSUGAR Entertainment/ YouTube.com

40. Miss King Kong

Undoubtedly, this beauty contest looks very specific! Event themes are frequently influenced by pop culture icons, characters, or movies. The decision to establish a pageant based on the enormous ape persona may have been made by organizers to take advantage of "King Kong's" fame and popularity. The pageant may emphasize the idea that beauty comes in many forms and sizes, much like King Kong's distinctive appearance, and work to promote body positivity and celebrate various body types.

Miss King Kong.jpg?format=webp@Beautiful Women of the 1930s-60s:Photos Strange Beauty Contests/Retro Land/YouTube.com

41. Underwater Beauty Contest

The first beauty contests underwater were first held in the last century, but such contests are still popular. It is difficult to argue with the fact that such a competition looks simply exciting! And what good fellows of the participant of competition! Indeed, it's very difficult to stay underwater for a long time. And in this competition, the girls also manage to defile underwater in high heels! Simply fantastic! Well, now you know what modern mermaids look like. Moreover, after what you see, you understand that there is no limit to human imagination.

41.jpg?format=webp@Sassy Walk on water tiktok kristimakush95#shorts / Viral Central / YouTube.com

42. No. 1 Super Mission Hainan Beauty Contest 

Well, the Chinese have always been creative! Perhaps they haven't only the most original inventions but also beauty contests! For example, in the competition No. 1 Super Mission Hainan Beauty Contest girls should be not only beautiful but also super extreme! Just look at the photo! You see one of the tasks of this beauty contest is to jump from a high mountain. Also, among the tasks of this competition for the most daring - various tests under water and so on. Well, a dose of adrenaline for the participants is guaranteed!

42.jpg?format=webp@No.1 Super Mission Hainan Beauty Contest Goes Tropical / Red Robot - Intelligent Distribution YouTube.com

43. Pre-labor Beauty Pageant

There are many different competitions for pregnant women in the world. However, one of the most original takes place in Houston. It is attended by pregnant women in their third trimester who compete for a cash prize of $500. A distinctive feature of this competition is that pregnant women parade along the catwalk in bikinis, showing off their rounded bellies. At this time, friends and family actively cheer on the contestants. So, as you can see, pregnancy is not a reason to refuse beauty contests, but quite the opposite!

43.jpg?format=webp@10 Strangest Beauty Pageants You Won't Believe Exist / Top 10 Things / YouTube.com

44. Sausage Queen

The sponsor of this seemingly shocking beauty contest was the Zion Meat Company, which organized National Sausage Week in the USA. What people can't think of! However, even winning in such a competition could be the beginning of a modeling career for a girl. After all, the photos of the supporters quickly scattered through the newspapers, and sometimes they adorned the advertising campaigns of a particular product. So now it’s clear why the queen of sausages is smiling so happily in the photo.

44. Sausage Queen.jpg?format=webp@Beautiful Women of the 1930s-60s:Photos Strange Beauty Contests/Retro Land/YouTube.com

45. Monkey Beauty Pageant

Thailand is considered an exotic country for a reason! And in addition to unusual food and traditions, there are also very extraordinary beauty contests. For example, in Bangkok, monkeys have already come on stage together with female contestants! And animals are carefully prepared for this. They are given bright make-up, dressed up in shiny dresses, and some even have their hair done! After that, the animals take the stage and show the public their beauty and talents. Many have fun with what is happening, however, many, on the contrary, feel sorry for the monkeys.

45.jpg?format=webp@TALENTED MONKEY BEAUTY SHOW BANGKOK, THAILAND TRAVEL, ADVENTURE. | Open Doors | / Open Doors / YouTube.com

46. Falcons Beauty Contest

Well, people in the UAE like to surprise with many things, especially with original beauty contests. For example, in Abu Dhabi, a competition is regularly held where the most beautiful eagle is chosen! The jury evaluates the beauty of birds not by eye, but thanks to a special tape measure, thanks to which they measure parts of the eagle's body. Also, the winner of the competition must have strong chest muscles, flawless claws, and a beak, and all bird feathers must have an attractive symmetrical pattern. The jury even checks the bird's nostrils to see if baffles are present because they play a key role in helping the falcon breathe when flying at speed.

@The weirdest beauty pageants you will ever see / Asianet Newsable / YouTube.com

47. Loveliest Camel Pageant

This unusual beauty contest, in which the most beautiful camel is chosen, is regularly held in Qatar! In competitions, as in most human beauty contests, females participate. Before the event, all camels undergo a thorough examination for surgical improvements. Yes, we are quite serious! After all, it turns out that to win the competition, some breeders often go to tricks, for example, they pump animals' lips with collagen. Also, some camels are found to have traces of Botox injections! Such camels are disqualified, and their owners pay a fine.

47.jpg?format=webp@10 Unusual Beauty Pageants You Won't Believe Exist / TheThings Celebrity / YouTube.com

48. Incredible! Goldfish Beauty Contest

It's hard to believe, but there is even a beauty contest where they choose the most beautiful goldfish! In the Chinese city of Fuzhou, such a competition was held, where three thousand beautiful goldfish from 14 countries of the world took part! The judges evaluated the fish according to six main parameters, namely, weight, color, length, shape, gracefulness, and swimming style. All contestants were placed in special aquariums, and the jury members approached each fish in turn, measuring the necessary indicators. There were 12 nominations in total, including "heaviest fish", "longest fish" and others.

48.jpg?format=webp@Meet the Miss Universe of Goldfish / Goldthread / YouTube.com

49. Cow Beauty Pageant

What kind of beauty contest hasn't yet been invented? However, Cow Beauty Pageant is perhaps one of the most original! This competition is held in China at one of the provincial agricultural fairs, and its participants are real cows! Cows compete for first place in categories such as milk yield, pedigree, and appearance. But to make the competition look more glamorous, the organizers nevertheless decided to invite pretty girls in bikinis. The participation of eight bikini-clad models, who were hired to decorate the cow competition, caused a wide resonance among numerous spectators.
Depositphotos_245254542_L (1) (1).jpg?format=webp

50. Goat Beauty Contest

It turns out that goat owners also want their animals to be awarded the prestigious title and recognized as the most beautiful! The competition jury consists of a farmer, a deputy, and the headmaster of a local school. It was they who chose the goat with the most beautiful wool. To receive the main prize, namely the crown, the goats, along with their owners, had to overcome an obstacle and parade along the red carpet. With such competitions, you don’t even have to go to the cinema - the comedy happens in real life! So if you want to see the goat beauty contest live, you'll have to buy a ticket to Lithuania.

50.jpg?format=webp@Goat Beauty Contest In Lithuania / Uzoo / YouTube.com