50 Funniest Animal Memes That Will Split Your Sides with Laughter

13 Dec 2023

Pets often behave very amusingly, causing delight and laughter among their owners. Many photos of animals' eccentric behavior end up on the internet, where enthusiasts pick them up and turn them into memes. If you want to lift your spirits, quickly read our selection of the funniest memes with pets that have appeared on the Internet.

1. Corn enthusiast

When a cat goes after fish or meat, it's not surprising at all. But when it eagerly eats corn and sounds like "yum-yum," it evokes considerable astonishment and interest. Watching it enjoy its treat makes you want to cook a corn cob yourself. Advertisers can take note of this cat with its tasty corn if they aim to stimulate the viewer's appetite.

1. Corn enthusiast.jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS 🤡 Trending Funny Animals 2023/Cat Memes/YouTube.com

2. Cats as Alarm Clocks

Owners of fluffy pets understand this meme well. Cats can be compared to an alarm clock: every morning, they wake up their owners at the same time and ask to be fed. And the main thing is that these animals are very stubborn and know how to get what they want. So, arguing with them is pointless - you will lose the battle.

2. Cats as Alarm Clocks.jpg?format=webp@Flat-Breakfast-1997/reddit.com

3. Who wants fresh carrots?

If someone told you they saw a dog in a deer hat eating a carrot, you probably wouldn't believe it. But now you can see it with your own eyes. If it tastes good to him, let him enjoy it. There's no arguing about tastes.

3. Who wants fresh carrots.jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: New Funny Cats And Dogs👻 Halloween Smurf Cat🎃Trending Funny Animals 2023 /Cat Memes/YouTube.com

4. Raccoons and cold - like a plus and a minus

Raccoons love warmth, and they are not comfortable in the cold. People who also prefer warm weather will relate to the preferences of these fluffy creatures. It seems that warm-weather enthusiasts created this cheerful meme to emphasize it once again.

4. Raccoons and cold - like a plus and a minus.jpg?format=webp@ttyemoore/reddit.com

5. Like Father

Pets often adopt the habits of their owners and, over time, become similar to them. According to the photo's author, this dog, like the father, is a pizza enthusiast and just can't wait for it. So, resorting to extreme measures, it begins to expedite the baking process with its hypnotic gaze.

5. Like Father.jpg?format=webp@Gloomy-Middle-353/reddit.com

6. Cat Camouflage

The kitty found the perfect spot to relax. It blends seamlessly into the gray-beige design of the towels, making it almost indistinguishable from them. It's a wonderful feline skill to camouflage in any situation.

6. Cat Camouflage.jpg?format=webp@akylasem/reddit.com

7. Love for Trash Bins

Raccoons won't miss the chance to rummage through a trash bin and find something interesting for themselves. The main thing is that they don't accidentally get stuck there, and they and the rest of the trash don't end up at the landfill. Such a turn of events would not suit raccoons despite all their love for adventures.

7. Love for Trash Bins.jpg?format=webp@CawCaw4/reddit.com

8. Cool Dog

You don't see a dog at the bar wearing sunglasses every day, but you'll agree that he looks cool. Maybe he also won the lottery and is now ready to place an order. In any case, his owner, who brought him here, will settle the bill for him if needed.

8. Cool Dog.jpg?format=webp@Seanybear15/reddit.com

9. Classic Situation

Rarely do we come out looking good and generally liking ourselves in the photo for our ID card. Choosing a less-than-ideal photo for official documents or identification cards is a common experience. The humor captured in the meme with a guinea pig adds a playful touch to this universal scenario. It's often amusing how we end up selecting photos that might not represent our best angles or moments. Many can indeed see themselves in this lighthearted portrayal of a relatable situation.

9. Classic Situation.jpg?format=webp@royal-seal/reddit.com

10. Carefree Mischief Maker

Dogs, by their nature, are very lively and playful. There's never a dull moment with them. They are always positive and ready for mischief. Owners should take this into account because dealing with the consequences of their antics falls on them.

10. Carefree Mischief Maker.jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS 🤡 Trending Funny Animals 2023/Cat Memes/YouTube.com

11. The Memeworthy Raccoon Intruder

The raccoon was caught in the act, trying to slip into the yard at night. However, it didn't lose its composure and simply froze in a funny pose. This photo quickly became a meme, and the raccoon became a favorite among internet users.

11. The Memeworthy Raccoon Intruder.jpg?format=webp@Deloveir/reddit.com

12. Pandemic Warrior

People have learned to find the positive in any situation to keep moving forward. In particular, the pandemic has given rise to many wonderful memes. The cheerful Labrador in a tie with a laptop is precisely the result of such humorous images, conveying the message that despite everything, humanity is not accustomed to giving up, and no pandemic will force us to stop.

12. Pandemic Warrior.jpg?format=webp@yur1k05ydn3ypd4/reddit.com

13. Panda or Raccoon?

This raccoon surely knows no sorrow and lives a good life. Its round shapes make it resemble a little panda, one that you'd want to cuddle and give a little tickle. The raccoon evokes exclusively adorable emotions.

13. Panda or Raccoon.jpg?format=webp@games_are_weird/reddit.com

14. Cat's Treasure

The kitten holds its chocolates so tightly as if they were its greatest treasure. Its gaze practically begs to be given these findings. Cats know how to charm their way into getting whatever they desire. Here's a life hack: if you can't master the pleading look of a cat yourself, confidently send this picture - your opponent surely won't resist and will fulfill your wish.

14. Cat's Treasure.jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: New Funny Cats And Dogs👻 Halloween Smurf Cat🎃Trending Funny Animals 2023 /Cat Memes/YouTube.com

15. When the Raccoon Speaks…

When you don't know how to greet someone sweetly, share a picture of the cutest raccoon. Its gaze skillfully melts hearts. Even the sternest person won't resist and will reply with a "Hello."

15. When the Raccoon Speaks....jpg?format=webp@RedKnight47/reddit.com

16. You can't fool a dog

Dogs know the habits and character of their owners well. This dog is definitely aware of who he's dealing with. His gaze seems to say, 'You can manipulate anyone else, but not me. I have a good sense of smell.' You know who from your close circle should get this picture.

16. You can't fool a dog.jpg?format=webp@penengage4980/reddit.com

17. Guinea pig that melts hearts

Even if the author of this meme hasn't received many votes and likes before, this cute guinea pig will change the situation for the better. You just want to hug her and give lots of hearts - she looks too sad looking through the screen at us.

17. Guinea pig that melts hearts.jpg?format=webp@[deleted]/reddit.com

18. Who ordered a massage? 

It seems this kitty is unknowingly in servitude. Otherwise, how do you explain him giving a massage to the dog, who contentedly lies on the sidewalk? It's hypnosis or some enchantment that turned this pair into a popular meme.

18. Who ordered a massage.jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: New Funny Cats And Dogs👻 Halloween Smurf Cat🎃Trending Funny Animals 2023 /Cat Memes/YouTube.com

19. Unmasking Raccoon Minds

If raccoons could give interviews, they would probably share their most unexpected thoughts. But for now, we can only speculate about what these quirky and cute creatures might think of us.

19. Unmasking Raccoon Minds.jpg?format=webp@not_a_number1/reddit.com

20. Adorable kitty 

What do you feel when you gaze upon this delightful picture? Admiration and the desire to shower this little clown-cat hybrid with compliments, perhaps even to the point of being utterly captivated by its charm. 

20. Adorable kitty .jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS 🤡 Trending Funny Animals 2023/Cat Memes/YouTube.com

21. Pet that Banishes Blues

If you have a masked bandit as a pet, be prepared for a thorough disinfection of your entire space and all your gadgets. With such a pet, you'll certainly never feel lonely, but be ready to shed a few tears over their mischievous antics from time to time. 

21. Pet that Banishes Blues.jpg?format=webp@youresickkev/reddit.com

22. Love-Struck Meme: For Couples Lost in Each Other

A meme for lovebirds. When you're head over heels for your significant other, you just want to hug and kiss them all the time, much like that cat with the dog, because he or she is the one and only. What can you do when emotions overflow?

22. Love-Struck Meme_ For Couples Lost in Each Other.jpg?format=webp@l4un4m0rund4hlia/reddit.com

23. Life Lesson in Not Getting Too Enchanted

A funny meme about expectations that never came true. Sometimes, that's just life, but the golden rule remains: don't get too enamored and don't place too much hope in someone, to avoid unnecessary disappointments later on.

23. Life Lesson in Not Getting Too Enchanted.jpg?format=webp@theotherjaytoo/reddit.com

24. More Than Care

This meme serves as a great reminder that our furry friends require not only care but also our attention. Especially if you have an adorable guinea pig at home. Taking a few minutes to pet them can relieve you of unnecessary worries and alleviate the stress that has built up throughout the day.

24. More Than Care.jpg?format=webp@[deleted]/reddit.com

25. The Well-Known Ukrainian Millionaire Blogger

Cat Stepan has long stolen the hearts of many fans worldwide. Of course, his famous pose sitting at the table has become one of the most popular memes. If you're not familiar with Stepan the cat yet, we recommend not delaying and finding him on social media.

25. The Well-Known Ukrainian Millionaire Blogger.jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: New Funny Cats And Dogs👻 Halloween Smurf Cat🎃Trending Funny Animals 2023 /Cat Memes/YouTube.com

26. A Furry Remedy for Rough Days

Raccoons, like children, never turn down soft toys, especially if they resemble them. The meme's author suggests looking at this picture whenever you've had a tough day. We support the idea.

26. A Furry Remedy for Rough Days.jpg?format=webp@Warlordbert1/reddit.com

27. Dog That Brightens Your Day

The pup doesn't know how to react to such an unusual gift, and that's how he became the hero of a meme. Many can recognize their own reactions to sudden gifts or compliments. This meme is an opportunity to look at your reactions from the outside and smile.

27. Dog That Brightens Your Day.jpg?format=webp@m4ry4nn3457a35/reddit.com

28. Good Neighbors

The photo's author says that this cute neighborly guinea pig often comes by asking for carrots. Can you refuse such a lovely fluffy creature? Having such a neighbor is always delightful, so why not treat her to a snack?

28. Good Neighbors.jpg?format=webp@SpanishRadiance/reddit.com

29. Find the Guinea Pig

Like cats, guinea pigs love to hide in tight boxes and various awkward places. It's unclear how they manage to fit in there, but the result is worth attention. You can even play a game: guess where the guinea pig is hiding.

29. Find the Guinea Pig.jpg?format=webp@jackierodriguez1/reddit.com

30. Superhero Cat

Sometimes it seems like cats can see unknown creatures and possess supernatural abilities. Take a look at this ginger superhero. He's battling an invisible force and has all the chances of winning.

30. Superhero Cat.jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS 🤡 Trending Funny Animals 2023/Cat Memes/YouTube.com

31. The Life of a Raccoon

There's never a dull moment with raccoons. They always find something to do, whether it's hitching a ride on a cat or fixing a phone. They can be quite mischievous, requiring careful supervision. Nevertheless, raccoons are incredibly playful and adorable creatures.

31. The Life of a Raccoon.jpg?format=webp@lxlme/reddit.com

32. Canine Photo Model

This little dog could easily teach posing lessons for a photoshoot. He does it so naturally and sweetly that you can't help but be enchanted. Perhaps in a past life, he was a professional model.

32. Canine Photo Model.jpg?format=webp@m4ry4nn3457a35/reddit.com

33. Funny Coloration

Is it safe to share a home with such a tasty guinea pig? That's the dilemma of the day. Whether you love these adorable creatures or not, this picture will undoubtedly make you smile, as it's not every day you come across such a clever comparison - a guinea pig with a snack.

33. Funny Coloration.jpg?format=webp@Mjolnir1111/reddit.com

34. Raccoon warrior

Every meme kingdom needs a guardian, and the Raccoon Warrior has embraced the role with open paws. From cheeky raids on bird feeders to daring rooftop escapades, his meme-worthy antics have made him the undisputed ruler of the virtual jungle.

32. Canine Photo Model.jpg?format=webp@thatburnedhairsmell/reddit.com

35. CosmoCat

In the world of some cats, normal boundaries don't exist. They have a knack for squeezing into places where other animals wouldn't even dare to try. And here he is – CosmoCat, who accepted the challenge and decided to conquer the cosmic frontier - a trimmed bottle.

35. CosmoCat.jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: New Funny Cats And Dogs👻 Halloween Smurf Cat🎃Trending Funny Animals 2023 /Cat Memes/YouTube.com

36. A Lesson in Optimism

Amidst the leftovers and discarded items, our raccoon friend imparts a valuable lesson in optimism. Life may throw you scraps, but with the right attitude, you can turn even the most mundane moments into something worth celebrating.

36. A Lesson in Optimism.jpg?format=webp@lxlme/reddit.com

37. When Pictures Say More Than a Thousand Words 

Dogs have a remarkable ability to convey emotions, sometimes speaking on our behalf even when we choose to remain polite. Fortunately, some memes can articulate everything for us, capturing those unspoken feelings we often suppress. Let's explore the world where our four-legged friends express the unsaid through the power of hilarious memes.

37. When Pictures Say More Than a Thousand Words .jpg?format=webp@burm457udw3llvra/reddit.com

38. The Cat with a Purpose

Still skeptical about cats being superheroes? Look no further than this fluffy black beauty – it's not just a cat; it's a cat on a mission. This feline hero is poised to conquer the meme world with unparalleled charm.

38. The Cat with a Purpose.jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: New Funny Cats And Dogs👻 Halloween Smurf Cat🎃Trending Funny Animals 2023 /Cat Memes/YouTube.com

39. Love Knows No Bounds

Can you recognize yourself in this scenario? True dog enthusiasts can't resist the charm of playful pups, inviting anyone nearby to join in the fun. Only a person with a heart of stone could resist their allure.

39. Love Knows No Bounds.jpg?format=webp@r0ttenelse3531/reddit.com

40. Illuminating Gaze

Cats possess a unique ability to see in low light, making their eyes appear to illuminate in the dark. The unexpected encounter with a cat's gaze in the shadows can send shivers down your spine, creating a blend of awe and a touch of spookiness. his phenomenon has inspired a plethora of amusing memes, reminding us of the enchanting effect of cat eyes in the dark.

40. Illuminating Gaze.jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS 🤡 Trending Funny Animals 2023/Cat Memes/YouTube.com

41. Memorable Moments in Meme History

This unexpected twist in the raccoon's meme narrative has become a viral sensation, marking a memorable moment in meme history. Internet users everywhere are sharing the raccoon's tearful proposal as a symbol of love, laughter, and the unexpected joys that life – and memes – bring.

41. Memorable Moments in Meme History.jpg?format=webp@TrashPanda0o/reddit.com

42. Paw-ty Time

Imagine a party where you're a devoted fan of little dogs, and you're having a blast, chilling with them. It looks like these two have created their groove, and they're both comfortable together. It's great when people find their tribe, but it's even cooler when people find their furry friends.

42. Paw-ty Time.jpg?format=webp@l4ch3ll353rv4n735qml/reddit.com

43. A fridge full of possibilities

This guinea pig meme is a delightful reminder that even our smallest furry friends can have big culinary aspirations. Whether it's a case of culinary confusion or a strategic snack move, one thing is clear – this guinea pig knows how to keep its audience entertained with a bowl full of food and a fridge full of possibilities. Bon appétit, little rodent chef!

43. A fridge full of possibilities.jpg?format=webp@noisypoppy/reddit.com

44. The Curious Question

This mouse meme is a delightful addition to the vast landscape of internet humor, reminding us that even the tiniest residents of our homes can have a mischievous side. Whether the mouse is innocent or guilty, one thing is certain – its cheeky retort has etched a place in the annals of meme history, leaving us all with a chuckle and a pondering “Why do you ask?”

44. The Curious Question.jpg?format=webp@HLC1985/reddit.com

45. Playfulness Mastery

This photograph transforms the ordinary scene of a dog's play into a true theater of humor and emotional expression. This dog, a superstar in its own right, leaves everyone impressed with its playfulness, surpassing all expectations. It serves as a reminder that a dog's games and antics are not just about property destruction but also a display of the love and devotion they bring into our lives.

45. Playfulness Mastery.jpg?format=webp@d4n43pp5268/reddit.com

46. Fearless Raccoon

The effects of alcohol can affect people in different ways: some may feel like crying, some may want to have fun, and others may be drawn to adventures, much like the raccoon in this meme. However, let's remember that adventures come in various forms, so it's good to have someone nearby who can caution against impulsive actions.

46. Fearless Raccoon.jpg?format=webp@thatburnedhairsmell/reddit.com

47. Cute Pup?

Many of us envision pit bulls as very serious and aggressive dogs to be cautious of. However, the owner, particularly of this cute pup, sees him differently. We believe it's not wise to be overly swayed by stereotypes of these breeds because a pit bull's mood can change abruptly if it doesn't like something in your behavior.

47. Cute Pup.jpg?format=webp@4nn453n73r5m45/reddit.com

48. Fluffy and White 

When someone asks if you've gained weight, confidently send them this meme. Additionally, you can add that, like this decorative mimicking rat, you're fluffy and white, but only until someone annoys you. I guess after that, any comments about your shape will quickly fade away.

48. Fluffy and White .jpg?format=webp@HLC1985/reddit.com

49. Pug vs. Sliced Bread

The comparison of a pug to sliced bread is spot on. Those adorable folds indeed resemble bread slices. The dog owner's fantastic sense of humor showcases their love for their furry friend, giving us yet another hilarious meme.

49. Pug vs. Sliced Bread.jpg?format=webp@found4t1onpigman1323/reddit.com

50. Digital Cat

In a world where technology reigns supreme, there exists a silent yet vigilant guardian of the digital realm — Mr. Whiskers, the laptop-watching cat. Positioned with regal poise and unwavering attention, this feline overlord takes his duties as the household tech expert quite seriously.

50. Digital Cat.jpg?format=webp@Cat Meme: THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS 🤡 Trending Funny Animals 2023/Cat Memes/YouTube.com