The most popular perfumes of all time

06 Jan 2023

Chanel № 5. This Chanel fragrance appeared back in 1921. And now, for many decades, no other fragrance has been able to overshadow its glory. Another is - Yves Saint Laurent Opium. The legendary fragrance was released by Yves Saint Laurent in 1977 and became the embodiment of his love for the East and his understanding of female beauty and attractiveness. Next is Christian Dior Miss Dior. It is one of the most recognizable Dior fragrances, created more than 70 years ago. Also most popular is The One by Dolce & Gabbana. And of course "J'adore" Dior.


Kylie Jenner teaches how to quickly get rid of acne. It's very easy!

According to the star, the first important step in problem skincare is high-quality cleansing in the morning and evening. Also model recommends cosmetics that contain salicylic acid and tea tree oil. Salicylic acid has different functionality depending on its concentration in cosmetic product composition. In 0.5 - 2% concentration, a substance is used as an exfoliant, in 0.5% concentration, due to its antiseptic properties, it’s used as an ecological cosmetic preservative. Also, Kylie recommends her brand's detox mask, which she uses once a week. Kylie's favorite cosmetic ingredients are Shea butter, squalene, glycerin, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. Finally, a couple more of Kylie’s beauty hacks. In the morning, she tries to do a quick face massage to improve microcirculation in the skin cells.