How in 1922 a 16-year-old girl drove around the world in her car

01 Oct 2022

Idris Hall, which is actually the name of this incredible woman, was born in 1906 in the Canadian town of Winnipeg. From a young age, the girl was interested in traveling, having read a large number of books about adventures for boys. When she grew up she saw an advertisement in the Paris Herald newspaper for the recruitment of young women for an expedition to the famous captain Walter Wanderwellʼs expedition. She found him and persuaded him to hire her as a driver and translator. They started their expedition in Nice, France, and then traveled all over Europe. The young girl was photographed in every city and she quickly became famous. She traveled 611 thousand kilometers, visited 80 countries. Over time, the captain and the girl fell in love with each other. At that time, the girl began to call herself Aloha and took the surname Wanderwell. 


The hotels where you can meet real ghosts

Relais Castello Bevilacqua, Italy. This hotel is a real romantic castle of the XIV century, which is located near Verona. Rumor has it that several ghosts live in it! But the most famous ghost of the castle is the spirit of its former owner, Alessandro Bevilacqua, who died due to an unfortunate set of circumstances during a fire in 1884. The second is Ruthin Castle Hotel in Wales. Guests of the hotel have repeatedly seen the ghost of Lady Grey, who was sentenced to death after the murder of her husband's mistress. The next is Tongariro Castle, New Zealand. Previously, this castle hotel was a women's refuge. Nurse Charlotte died there, as did her patients, who committed suicide while on the hotel grounds. In this hotel, curtains often move, and doors open and close for no reason. If you want a lot of extreme sports, then welcome to this hotel!