Be like a superstar! All the makeup secrets of Kim Kardashian

06 Jan 2023

To achieve volume and visually enlarge the eyes, makeup artist Kim Kardashian uses 3-4 pencils. First, he highlights the contour of the eyelashes with a black pencil, then applies liquid eyeliner and completes the makeup with a waterproof pencil, with which he highlights the lower eyelid. Make-up artist Kim Kardashian believes that it is wrong to apply concealer under the eyes before the shadows. After all, when you apply dark shadows to make smoky eyes, they will fall and stick to the concealer. The secret to Kim Kardashian's perfect eyebrows is simple, her makeup artist tints them with light and dark pencils. 


The most stylish jeans this fall! Do you have these?

Wide jeans, which have been loved by millions of fashionistas from all over the world, continue to lead this season's trends. And this fall, the trend has only strengthened on the fashion catwalks, so if you haven't had time to get your hands on trendy baggy jeans, designers are giving you another chance. Jeans in dark colors have always been a universal thing in the wardrobe. They are easily mixed with other things and are ideal for the cold season. They are also perfect for every body type. Women with curvaceous forms can safely choose dark blue classic jeans, which look a little like business pants. Due to the even and dark color, they will visually remove extra centimeters and "stretch" the body.