50 surprising photos from beauty contests

17 Jan 2023

We are all used to traditional beauty contests, during which models impress with their beauty and charisma. However, it turns out that there are also original beauty contests, the photos of which will shock you!

1. Miss Klingon Empire

During this original beauty pageant, contestants dress up as Klingons. These are the inhabitants of a fantastic alien civilization of humanoids. Sounds interesting, but looks a bit shocking! By the way, the participants of Miss Klingon Empire are carefully selected, not everyone can participate in this contest. For example, during the 2020 contest, the number of participants was limited to only 10! How is the evaluation of the contestants? They are judged on the whole look, which includes makeup, costume and modeling, talent, and personality. And speaking of winning, there's $600 up for grabs.

1.jpg?format=webp@15 Weirdest Beauty Pageants From Around The World / Lutch Green / YouTube.com