The artificial island of Palm Jumeirah was made from particles of... mountains!

23 Dec 2022

For the construction of this artificial island, the mountains had to be crushed into small pieces to create sand from them. The sand used for Palm Jumeirah was created from the Al Hajar Mountains in the east of the UAE. The cost of creating the island amounted to 12 billion dollars. Today, it houses private villas and the Atlantis, The Palm resort, which consists of 1,539 luxurious rooms and has an on-site water park, underwater aquarium, and many restaurants. It's a real miracle of modern architecture!

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If you don’t want to offend the Arabs, you will have to eat all their treats!

If you have made friends with the locals and they invited you to visit, then you should remember some rules. The locals are known for their special hospitality. You shouldn't refuse threats, as this can be regarded as an insult. So be prepared to eat a lot in the UAE! But don't worry, their local food is delicious! Also, when communicating with Arabs, in no case should you talk about women, this is perceived as an insult. And also, you shouldn't answer the questions of the interlocutor evasively.

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