TOP 50 hilarious selfies from around the world

23 Jan 2023

Selfies have never gone out of fashion! Do you want to quickly attract the attention of subscribers? Then you can just post a selfie! However, some people overdid it with creativity, and their selfies look very funny and strange!

1. Thanks to This Dog, the Selfie Came Out Very Funny!

Well, this kid has a very creative father! We don't know how he got the idea to take this selfie. Perhaps this photo came out by accident, or perhaps the man thought out the idea of ​​a creative selfie in advance. But in the future, the kid will have something to laugh at, because not everyone is photographed with a dog on their head. By the way, for lovers of selfies with pets, there are even instructions on the Internet on how to make such a photo as successful as possible.

1.jpg?format=webp@Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check The Background / FactsForYou /