Famous men over 50 who are no less attractive than their younger colleagues

07 Feb 2023

Age isn't an impediment to looking like a hot macho! We have collected famously handsome men who are over 50 but look just amazing! You will find out about them in our article!

1. Dwayne Johnson 

Now Dwayne Johnson is 50 years old, and he looks amazing! He is a third-generation American-Canadian actor and wrestler. His father and grandfather also once entered the ring. Dwayne Johnson is still considered one of the most famous wrestlers in history. He received the title of Intercontinental Champion twice and became the WWE Champion seventeen times. Therefore, it is not surprising that Dwayne Johnson keeps himself in great shape. As for the star’s personal life, in 2019 he married for the second time, and Dwayne also has three children.

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