45 idols from favorite series of the 90s and 2000s. What happened to them?

03 Jan 2023

They were superstars of the 90s and 2000s because the whole world watched series with them! And now we'll tell you how the life of idols from favorite series turned out after their iconic roles. The life stories of these stars are simply amazing!

Laura Zapata (‘Esmeralda’, ‘Wild Rose’)

This famous Mexican actress celebrated her 66th birthday last year. The life of the actress was filled not only with filming in popular TV shows but also with terrible trials of fate. In 2002, Laura Zapata and her sister were kidnapped by intruders! It happened near the star's home in Mexico City. The criminals demanded a huge ransom from the relatives of the star, but it wasn't collected. As a result, the actress spent 18 days hostage. The perpetrators were later found and sentenced to prison.

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@LAURA ZAPATA, la VIDA que FORJÓ a una VILLANA | La entrevista con Yordi Rosado / Yordi Rosado / YouTube.com